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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Tru Founders Box

      The steaks and burgers we received in this box are top quality and delicious! Definitely the best meat we have been able to find. So happy they deliver- the packaging is great and the customer service top-notch!

      Hi Daniel, really appreciate you taking the time to review. Delighted yourself and Jennifer enjoyed the Founders Box. Thanks for your feedback! Ken @ TruBeef

      Great Help - Thanks!

      Thanks to all at TruBeef! This was my second order. Fed Ex messed up my delivery completely and the team at TruBeef helped me hugely to make sure Fed Ex did what they were supposed to do. This company cares about it's customers. Really positive experience.

      Hi Judith, always happy to help in any way we can on any issue. To your good health! Ken @ TruBeef

      Ribeyes were dandy!!

      These TruBeef Ribeyes were dandy!!

      Thanks so much

      Love, love, love the quality of every item I received. My kids want TruBeef Burgers every night. Thanks so much!

      Excellent Company

      My brother was extremely happy to receive your box of beef for his birthday. I spent quite a bit of time describing how the animals are raised and the nature of your business so that he would understand the quality that he was receiving in this. He cooked the majority of the meat for he and his wife and some of their friends yesterday and was absolutely amazed at how great everything tasted. I find your operation to be exceptional, and I'm absolutely impressed with all of the information that I got from Ken regarding the animals, where they live, where they eat, and how they're raised. I'm definitely certain that you're the perfect company for my beef needs, and for those of my extended family. Thank you so much again for allowing me to be a customer of your excellent company. Thank you again.