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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      This beef IS the best!

      I have tried 5 other grass fed and finished beef delivery box’s and this beef is hands down the best tasting I have ever had! You must try this ! And a added bonus is these farmers truly care about there cows and you can taste the difference, as well as being better for the environment . I tell everyone about them. The customer service is also amazing ♥️ I get a delivery every month.

      Hi Kelly,
      A big THANK YOU for such an amazing review. You have no idea how proud we are to read such positive feedback. On behalf of the farms and the team here , we are very grateful for your continued support and custom. To your good health Kelly! Ken @ TruBeef

      Steaks eat very well.

      Tried Keto box as a trial and just went for monthly recurring order and got the free ground beef. This was good stuff! Better priced than farmers market and all organic, grass fed and non gmo. All the steaks eat very well.