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      Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Pieces non-gmo project verified usda organic carbon neutral animal welfare Certifications

      Regenerative Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Beef Liver Pieces.

      Our Beef Liver Pieces ships in a 1 lb. vacuum pack, variable-sized pieces with skin on one side. After opening the vacuum pack, drain excess liquid, and pat dry Beef Liver Pieces with kitchen paper. Pan-fry in butter until medium with a nice sear, season with salt while pan-frying. The liver skin can be taken off after pan-frying.


      Our Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Pieces are cut into different sizes (small to medium) and generally have some liver skin on some pieces. Our Beef Liver Pieces product is ideal for quick pan-frying, Paleo-style Liver Skewers, or into a blender for some healthy homemade Liver Pate.

      Our Beef Liver Pieces are Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified 100% Organic, and Independent third-party Inspected and Verified as 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished from our audited regenerative farms.

      If you are going to enjoy nose-to-tail organ meat nourishment, then you can't leave out our nutritional powerhouse, Beef Liver. Trust us, you have not tasted Beef Liver as clean, mild, and natural as our Grass-fed Beef Liver! The Natural and Organic wild grass diet that our beef cattle live off results in milder, more nutrient-dense organ meats that are pure and free of any toxins. 

      All our Beef Steaks, Beef Organ Meats, Healthy Fats, and Bones are hand-cut by our master butchers in Fresno, California. As an ethical nose-to-tail online butcher, TruBeef gives you the cleanest, most natural Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver every time! Order your Beef online now and taste the #TruBeef difference!


      Our delicious Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver comes from our slow-grown native cattle herds in Australia, leaving our Beef Liver with a much more subtle flavor profile than you have ever experienced before. Once cooked to a nice medium, our Beef Liver is not overpowering or leathery. 

      *We always advise customers to cook our Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver to medium to avoid drying out.
      Remove excess liquid from the vacuum pack, pat dry Beef Liver with kitchen paper before frying to get a nice sear.
      Some Liver pieces will have skin on them. Remove or eat skin based on your preference.
      *Liver Pieces sizes vary.

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      • Flash Frozen and Vacuum Packed for Freshness.
      • Proudly Raised and Harvested Australian Beef.
      • Certified USDA Organic Beef Liver Pieces.
      • Beef Liver Pieces from 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef herd.
      • Hand-cut by our Butchers in Fresno, California.
      • 100% Pasture-raised.
      • 100% Natural Beef Liver.
      • 6 Week Aged Beef.
      • Our farms are Carbon Negative.
      • Our business is Carbon Neutral.
      • Committed to Ethical, Sustainable, and Regenerative Farming.
      • Animal Welfare Certified.
      • Meat Delivery Service Nationwide.

      Beef Liver is also known as: Chopped Liver, Calves' Liver, Calf's Liver, Cow Liver, Foie de Veau, Organic Grass-fed Liver.

      To ensure timely delivery of your order, we encourage all our customers to order before the cut-off time [cut-off time is Sunday evening at 11.59 pm Pacific Time]. 

      We ship Monday through Thursday.
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      Shipping is Carbon Neutral.
      We ship to all lower 48 states.

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      TruBeef is an ethical online butcher, committed to sustainable and regenerative farming. We hope you'll enjoy all our products and online meat delivery service.

      *We always advise customers to cook our Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver to medium to avoid drying out.
      Remove excess liquid from the vacuum pack, pat dry Beef Liver with kitchen paper before frying to get a nice sear.
      Some Liver pieces will have skin on them. Remove or eat skin based on your preference.
      *Liver Pieces sizes vary.

      Pan-fried in Butter.
      We love how they prepare beef liver in southern Spain i.e. pan-fried Beef Liver with butter, cooked to medium with a blush of pink color in the middle. Then add a pinch of kosher salt and a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon to give a wonderful delicate tasting and nutrient-dense Grass-fed Beef Liver eating experience. 

      Grilled Liver and Onion Skewers. Make yourself some Paleo Skewers using TruBeef Liver pieces and some red onion. You can even add in a few chunks of Suet for extra fatty flavor. Straight onto a hot grill until Beef Liver is done to medium, then season with salt and pepper.

      15 Minute Organic Grass-fed Homemade Liver Pate.
      · TruBeef Organic, Grass-fed & finished Beef Liver ~ 2 lbs.
      · 2/3 Tablespoons of Butter for frying, flavor, and moisture.
      · Kosher or Sea Salt.
      · One medium Onion [optional].
      · 3 cloves of Garlic [optional].

      Liver Pate Method:
      Roughly chop the liver and onions. Sauté the onions and garlic in butter until soft and translucent. Add liver and cook until medium ~ still pink inside. Add salt to taste. Remove from heat and blend until smooth and creamy.

      Did you know, pound for pound, Beef Liver is the most nutrient-dense natural food in the animal or plant kingdom?

      SERVING SIZE: 4oz (112g)

      • 150 Calories
      • 23g Protein
      • 4g Fat
      • 0g Carbs
      • Vitamin A, 380% RDA
      • Riboflavin 180% RDA
      • Vitamin B12, 1,190% RDA
      • Copper 500% RDA
      • Folate 80% RDA
      • Niacin 80% RDA
      • Selenium 60% RDA
      • Iron 25% RDA

      BEEF LIVER INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef, Beef Liver.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Charly C.
      Smooth and Milder Liver

      Dont know how your farmers manage it but your liver is really delicious and a lot milder than I have had before. Kudos. Presliced makes it easier to make Pate also.

      Dan Clark
      Great tasting. Would like bigger pack

      Great selection of Offal meats. Your Kidney and Liver is delicious. Giving 4 stars as I wish it was a bigger portion than 1lb as we eat Liver a lot.