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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Everything a Ribeye Should be

      Not overly fattened, tremendous flavor, and very tender. Perfect for any steak lover

      Hi Ryan, really appreciate your feedback and review here and delighted you continue to enjoy our Ribeyes! Sincere Thanks Ryan! Ken - Founder, TruBeef

      Thumbs up!

      My husband loves the dry aged ribeye steaks from a local steak house restaurant but they are not sustainably sourced . Since I’m environmentally conscious about everything I buy, I had him do a taste comparison with TruBeefs Grass-fed Ribeye Steaks. He gave TruBeef a thumbs up and from now on we will be supporting your company. We appreciate farms doing the right thing for our planet practicing natural, sustainable and regenerative farming methods. Way to go being carbon neutral also!!

      Hi Cindy, Thanks for the resounding Thumbs up - really means alot to us! Our ethical and environmental standards aside, it is always heartening to know our Steak holds up to a comparison of a steakhouse! Really appreciate the review Cindy. Thanks for your custom. Ken, Founder of TruBeef

      Incredible and Tender

      I have to say that I am REALLY LOVING my trubeef subscription! I made the ribeye the other night it was so incredible and tender I couldnt believe it.

      I was a member of Butcher B*x for awhile and your beef is sooo much better. I didnt know there was such a difference but am happily surprised and glad I switched!

      Thanks Shari! We are all blushing here from your very kind review of TruBeef.

      Very good Rib-Eye steaks

      Tried others but these are the best. Marbled just right and love the 10 oz size. Will definitely be buying more

      Hi James, thanks for your wonderful review of our Organic Grass-Fed Ribeyes and equally happy to hear the 10oz size works for you. We appreciate your continued custom James! Thanks so much Ken Power , Founder of TruBeef

      great tasting steaks

      These appear to come from a dead cow (that no longer goes moo). They taste good

      Hi Danny, Thanks so much for such a nice (and hilarious) review!! Trilled you enjoyed your TruBeef order. Thanks for your continued support Danny!! Ken, Founder @TruBeef