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TruBeef Blog: Organic Grass-Fed Beef Recipes and Articles

What are Marrow Bones? How to cook the original Paleolithic Food

Man has been feasting on the nutrients and taste of Bone Marrow for at least 400,000 years. In this article, we examine what makes Marrow Bones so special. Is Bone Marrow Good for you? How to prepare and eat Marrow Bones, what they tastes like and the importance of eating marrow from a clean Organic Grass-Fed and Finished cattle.

WHAT IS WAGYU BEEF? The good and dark side of Wagyu!

'Wagyu' in Japanese as a direct translation means ‘Japanese Cow.’ Farmers and organized crime in Japan profit hugely from the Wagyu Beef Industry at the expense of these wonderful cattle. Auction fixing, counterfeit certificates of authenticity and even fake Wagyu beef are real problems misleading consumers. There is more Wagyu beef in the market today than there are Wagyu Cattle. We look at the problems and solutions.


In this article, TruBeef covers the many benefits of Beef Suet and Tallow, Mother Nature's Ketogenic rocket fuel. Suet and homemade rendered tallow are a tasty, healthy cooking oil and a natural way to supplement dietary fats.  

What is Suet and Tallow: How to make, use, and store these Fat Powerhouses

Suet and Tallow are making a huge comeback. In today's article, TruBeef explores the differences between suet and tallow, how to prepare suet for cooking, how to render tallow and the best storage options for both. Learn what suet and tallow taste like and why eating organic and grass-fed suet and tallow is a good idea.

HOW LONG TO LET STEAK REST – The Science of Juiciness!

Notice the small lake of reddish liquid getting bigger on your plate by the second? If your answer is yes, you now know just how important it is to rest steak as that flavorsome juice lost to the plate can be easily preserved inside the steak with a little resting and a dash of patience. 

How To Reheat Steak To Preserve Juiciness and Flavor.

You cooked your steak to the perfect temperature, achieved a perfect sear, had a wonderful meal but now you have leftovers! So how do you reheat steak the following day to acheive moist and tasty results?

How to Season Steak to Get That Steakhouse Flavor!

The main difference between your homemade steak compared to that of a restaurant steakhouse is, the chef knows how to season a steak the right way! Many of us have seen Salt Bae dump massive amounts of salt all over his steaks on social media but the man has it exactly right!


WHAT IS THE REVERSE SEAR STEAK METHOD? So, you have invested in a beautiful Ribeye steak or any nice thick steak for that matter but are worried you won’t get the best results? Fear not, the reverse sear steak oven method is to your rescue!
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