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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      Based on 518 reviews
      Delicious, convenient and satisfying

      Let me start by saying I was off ground beef for some time because I felt adversed to it for some reason BUT then I tried Tru Organic Burger patties medium rare and actually started CRAVING them. This is a versatile box bc it includes a nice mix of ground beef while also providing high quality steaks. I am enjoying this box very much. Top sirloin is now one of my favorite cuts of meat after trying Tru’s to sirloin abs this is a cut that i previously didn’t enjoy much but THEIRS is so delicious. I am really happy I’ve started ordering from tru beef. This is my second box from them and I’m sold, i will start ordering every 4 weeks from now on. Very convenient to grab the near I want from my freezer abs bring down to the fridge for the next day. The packaging is labeled well so it’s easy to know what to grab. They are also amazing people, they really care about going above and beyond for their customers and they also know evert about meat and butchering, they’re always open to answering questions and concerns in a pleasant way. You know you’re not talking to a robot or an employee who doesn’t care, instead you’re always talking with someone who cares and is patient and happy to answer questions. Very pleased with this box and with Tru Organic Beef.

      Hi Eva, thank you so much for the very kind feedback! Without our customers we dont have anything so we make a point to be available to help, support and answer questions no matter what. At the end of the day we want all our customers to enjoy our service and product so feedback like yours makes all the hardwork worthwhile! Thanks for your custom Eva and for taking the time to write such a detailed review. Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Great gift purchase

      Purchased Founders Box as a gift for a buddy and it came out fantastic. The steaks came out perfect and Ken and the Tru Beef team were great.

      Hi Sean, so glad your wonderful gift idea was a hit and your friend enjoyed the steaks in the Founders Box!! Thanks Sean. Best wishes, Ken , TruBeef Founder

      Tasty beef liver

      The liver cutlets looked and tasted so good. Fresh and clean. Highly recommend

      Hi Falcon, we have built our reputation on our Liver and delighted you could distinguish the freshness and clean taste. Thanks for ordering with us Falcon. Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder


      I normally do not like hotdogs, but these I actually enjoy! My whole family likes them. We cut one up very small for my 14 month old, and he kept saying, “yum!”. Will definitely purchase again!

      Hi Megan, sincere thanks for taking the time to review and great to hear you and your family enjoyed our all beef hotdogs! Especially your 14 month old saying ' yum!' :) :) . Thanks for your custom. Regards, Ken , TruBeef Founder

      Quality meat delivery

      First time I found an online service with that much quality in the meat. A little small but well worth it overall.

      Hi Jim, I sincerely appreciate the feedback on our Filet Mignon. We do make it clear our Filet is 5 oz size on the site. We chose 5oz for one reason ie cost. While it would be great to do an 8 or 9 oz Filet, most folks just would not be able to afford the final price so we try to get a balance of size and cost. Hope our reasoning makes sense and thanks again for the support! Ken, TruBeef Founder

      The perfect ribeye

      These ribeyes are absolutely delicious. I have been ordering these for 3 months now - the marbling is always excellent, and melts perfectly into these juicy steaks. The steaks always come well-packaged and frozen stiff - highly recommend topping off any order with a couple extra ribeyes!!

      Hi Jordan, sincere thanks for your custom and for your very gracious review! Great to hear you continue to enjoy our Organic Grass-Fed Ribeyes. I can assure you of the same high quality and same dedication to great service everytime you choose to order with us. Sincere Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder.

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Oxtail
      SARKIS KVRYAN (Porter Ranch, CA)

      there is noting better then tru beef

      Thank You Sarkis!!! Glad you enjoyed the Oxtail. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Melt in your mouth

      Yes, these are a melt in your mouth.

      Hi Joy, we cannot ask for any higher praise than this for our Organic Grass-Fed Ribeyes! Ken , TruBeef Founder


      I ordered this for my Dad for father’s day and he loved it! Great quality, highly recommend.

      Hi Paul, great to learn your Dad enjoyed the steaks! A lovely gift!! Sincere Thanks, Ken@ TruBeef

      Very fast shipping
      It arrived completely frozen
      I will definitely be ordering again

      Great to hear Brandon!! Tip : when you order at the weekends, you only need to wait a day or two at most as we ship out Monday and Tuesdays. Thanks for the feedback. Ken @ TruBeef


      Quick, smooth ordering and delivery, arrived frozen.

      Thank you Layla! Please enjoy your Lamb Rack and we appreciate your custom very much. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Best taste ever

      I've purchased lamb before and eaten it at restaurants but the one from TruBeef have been the most tasty ever.

      Hi Joy, our Organic Grass-Fed Lamb is of the highest standard and I really appreciate it that you recognize this. The Loin Chops are to die for!! Thanks for taking the time to review Joy. Best Regards, Ken Power, TruBeef Founder

      Love the NY Strip Steaks!

      These steaks are on another level. They are a deep nutritious-looking red - you know what you have just by looking at it. The flavor is incredible. These NY Strips are my go-to for the days where I feel like I need the extra boost. The packaging is professional, the steaks cook quick, and taste amazing. Highly recommend topping off a subscription box with a couple extra NY Strips.

      Hi Jordan...FANTASTIC to read this!! SO happy you like the NY Strip Steaks. I am most grateful for your very gracious review and feedback. Regards, Ken , TruBeef Founder

      Loved it!!

      Delivery was quick and the beef was packaged well. The oxtails were so flavorful and tender! The whole family loved it! Will definitely come back for more!

      Thanks so much for the feedback on the Oxtails Elaine! It is one of my personal favorite cuts. Glad to hear you will be back for more - we are very grateful for your custom. Regards, Ken , TruBeef Founder


      Everything showed up as expected package was in good shape, great quality product! Would definitely recommend to anyone

      Hi Sean, thanks for the review and recommendation. We are grateful for your custom. Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Best ground beef

      Love that it is grass fed AND grass finished! We seem to be very sensitive to meats that aren't grass finished, and they are really hard to find.
      So thankful to have found TruBeef's. We would really love a 93 / 7 version of this ground beef, if it was ever offered in the future.
      Thank you, Ken!

      Hi Jen, great to hear you have enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed and Finished Ground Beef. There is a taste and quality difference and delighted you could tell the difference. As you know we currently do an 85/15 Ground we grow, we would love to do a lean 95/5 or even leaner. Will keep you in the loop on this. Cheers Jen. Ken @ TruBeef

      Love these Top Sirloins

      The cut on these Top Sirloins are great - very little fat, but really nice and tender! And best of all is knowing they are not only grass-fed, but grass-finished too, which is so important and difficult to find. Great packaging! We were worried about delivery to us in this crazy high Texas heat, but all 20 steaks arrived to us frozen solid with no issues. Amazing! We've used other companies beef subscription services in the past, but now exclusively use TruBeef! They are superior!

      Hi Jen, many thanks for the feedback. We pack extra extra dry ice in the hot weather months and hot weather states so our customers dont have to worry. WOnderful to hear our products and service meet with your approval. Thanks so much - Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Love getting the health benefits of organs in my hamburger!

      The ancestral blend hamburger was delicious! It’s wonderful getting all the health benefits of organs in a great tasting hamburger.

      Hi Donna - just GREAT to read you have enjoyed our Ancestral is indeed
      ' Hamburger With Benefits ' . Many thanks for taking the time from your day to review. Best regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Always exceptional!

      I've been ordering my beef liver from Tru Beef for a while now. They are absolutely amazing. The quality of the meat is outstanding! I love how transparent this company is. Their customer service is also great! I have ordered Kidney many times as well. I throw both organs in the crock pot and they always come out delicious. Very thankful for companies that are apart of helping people understand that quality of the food they eat is KEY. Thank you!!!

      You are absolutely right Jocelyn, the quality of food and how it was raised is indeed KEY!! Thank you for your continued custom and support - we are forever grateful! Always great to read such positive feedback on our Organc Grass-Fed Liver. Sorry Kidney has recently been out of stock - back in 2/3 weeks tops. To your good health Jocelyn. Ken , TruBeef Founder

      My. “Go to” meal

      While every beef product is exceptional my new barbecue Makes every piece of beef amazing!
      And I think I have the timing down to a science to make them perfectly prepared.

      Sounds like you have our Grass-fed Organic Top Sirloins down to an Art Form Theresa :) . Congrats on the new BBQ...happy grilling! Sincere thanks for your review. Ken , TruBeef Founder

      Liver is a superfood

      I have heavy metal poisoning and have been in a wheelchair and mostly bed bound for the past 10 months. I am on a strict keto diet and following a chelating protocol to bind the heavy metals. Due to the mitochondrial disruption of the heavy metals in my system, I am unable to take b vitamins which are so vital to repair our system... so I have begun eating beef liver to access the b vitamin rich nutrients. I understand why they call liver a superfood now. I have found your grass finished liver to be tasty, tender and indeed much quicker to cook than conventional liver. I can't believe I can say that liver is tasty but yours is truly delicious and something I look forward to eating. I will be a returning customer. Thank you for offering beautiful nutrient rich meat.

      Hi Nicole, first and foremost, I want to wish you a speedy and solid recovery. You are not alone , in fact we estimate about 70% of our customers are recovering from some form of serious automimmune or allergy. I set up TruBeef out of my own initial needs recovering from systemic lupus which put me in bed for 13 months. I can assure you our Liver and Organ meats are treated extra carefully becuase we recognize the benefit these precious organ meats are to customers just like you. Great to learn you enjoy the flavor also. To your Good Health Nicole!!! Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished T-Bone Steak
      David (Chattanooga, TN)
      T- Bone

      The T-Bones arrived timely and well frozen. They look great. I have not grilled one yet. I have them in my freezer.

      Thanks for your review David. Very much appreciated. Ken , TruBeef Founder

      Awesome taste!

      First I didn’t expect my order to arrive so fast. All of the meat was packaged beautifully. The taste is tremendous. I am know a loyal customer.

      Welcome Aboard Francisco - delighted to learn the Burger Patties and service all met with your approval. Happy to have you as a new customer Sir. Thanks agin, Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Tastes Just Like Ground Beef!

      I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and texture. It is very similar to ground beef, and doesn't have a "gamey" or weird flavor at all! I actually like it a little better than ground beef after I cook it in a skillet. Speedy shipping and great customer service as well! Thanks so much!

      Thanks Melissa ! I was confident you would enjoy the Ancestral Blend so great to read this here. We thank you for your custom and very grateful for your review. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Only meat to make burger's with

      WOW...The flavor is off the chart and I will always order this from now on. No seasoning except a little sea salt and pepper is needed.

      Thanks for reviewing our Ancestral Blend Aaron. You are indeed right....just a little salt and pepper is all that is needed. We are most grateful for your custom. Ken @ TruBeef