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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      All our reviews are submitted by genuine customers with proof of purchase.
      Reviews are collected and verified for authenticity by, an independent 3rd party.

      Based on 1512 reviews

      Buy for my friend and their response were all the same tasty so I am going to buy one more set/combo for me

      Ah thank you so much for using us for your gifting needs and so happy to learn the recipient enjoyed your very thoughtful gift!! We would love for you to give our organic grass-fed meats a try sometime also!!! Thanks for your kind review.

      Excellent lamb rack

      We have bought 3 racks to date and all are of very good size, nice fat cap and some marbling. With a great lamb flavor.

      Reading this makes us very proud Tom and makes all the hard work to raise, prepare & ship our lamb orders very rewarding for us. To Your Good Health Tom!

      Proper lamb flavor

      This lambs flavor is not water down or to strong, it is as lamb should taste. Its a 10 out of 10 thanks.

      Thank you very much for your gracious feedback of our unaged, organic grass-fed Dorper Breed Lamb Tom! We look forward to you ordering again soon.

      Best lamb ever!!

      This lamb is so flavorful and juicy!! Will continue to buy this for sure, as it is now a staple in my diet!

      Hi Heather - sincere thanks for your feedback on our organic grass-fed & finished Ground Lamb! The Lamb breed we raise i.e Dorper breed is extremely mild, flavorful and not gamey. The organic / wild grass diet also plays a huge part in the final taste. So glad you enjoyed Heather and we hope you order from us again soon :)

      Excellent shipping

      Shipping bulk frozen meats can be a challenge, but as one of the more difficult customers deliveries here, I can attest that I have been super impressed with the quality and safety of shipping at Tru Beef and Ken and Karina are just wonderful to work with, truly grateful for their products.

      Hi Anthony, it has been a pleasure and an honor to work on your monthly orders and the very specific logistical needs you have. We are always here to help.

      Taste the health

      One thing about these stakes is the flavor, its a flavor of wellness, I will only assume the superior nutrition profile and health of these animals actually make this meat taste like its healing for you!
      These NY strips are my favorite.

      You are 100% right Anthony - the health and welfare of the cattle is reflected in that final eating experience and clean grass-fed flavor. The health and vitality of our organic soil gives the cattle an abundant & diverse supply of wild growing native grasses which in turn is what gives our meat its vibrant nutrient density. Thank you for noticing the difference in what we produce Anthony!. God Bless.

      These are real burgers!

      If you want a truly flavorful burger that is worth the buck, these make one of the top grilled burgers Ive ever had.

      Sincere thanks for your wonderful feedback on our organic grass-fed burgers Anthony!

      Just wow!

      Some of the best flavored Tenderloin I have ever had the pleasure to eat!

      My God, thank you so much for your series of comprehensive reviews today Anthony! This is very high praise of our Filet Mignon Steaks so THANK YOU! We are both humbled by your kind words and very grateful for the oppertunity to serve you. To Your Good Health Anthony!

      Love the products

      I love their high quality products. It is definitely worth every bite! My only issue is that they are frequently sold out due to their high demands.

      Hi Ola, delighted to learn you like our organic grass-fed Knuckle Bones and our other products. Thank you so much for your kind feedback and your patronage.
      You are indeed right, some items do sell out quite quickly due to high deman and popularity. We are a smal operation and work very much to the values of genuine ' Slow Food' so when an item is sold out, we will restock based on next available harvesting. We do hope you understand and if nothing else, it demonstrates to our custmers we only sell what we produce in small batches (to ensure freshness) and dont hold high levels stock sitting freezers for months in advance. God Bless Ola!!

      Soup, Soup, Super...

      Nice wordplay Isaiah :) Sincere thanks and Happy Broth Making SIr!

      Great to cut up into tiny pieces and place in a skillet with some already cooked rice and a touch of butter..... the best.

      GREAT idea for the Fat Trimmings Isaiah! Adds lots of fat solubale vitamins, CLA's AND great flavor to the rice. Good thinking Sir!!

      Great products

      Sincere thanks for your positive feedback Robert!!


      I love your products the meat is delicious. Customer service is excellent and shipping is fast.

      Thank You for being a wonderful customer Emily!

      Our favorite!

      These are absolutely incredible! Will absolutely be our new steaks we keep around the house at all times. The highest quality steak I’ve ever bought.

      Oh Wow Stephanie! Sincere thanks for such high priase of our Organic Grass-Fed Filet Mignon. So glad you enjoyed and thanks for taking the time to review Stephanie.

      Great beef flavor

      Only used salt and pepper. Extremely flavorful.

      Love it.....keeping it nice and simple to let the meat flavor do all the taking!! Thanks for your feedback my friend!!


      Great sample of the great quality they provide.

      Thank you for giving us the oppertunity Juan and for your support of our small family business. Good Luck on your Carnivore Diet journey! We are here to help you in any way we can.

      Amazing steaks

      Juicy and great taste. Definitely different from the walmart steaks. They will be part of my carnivore diet journey!

      Hi Juan, delighted to read you have enjoyed!! Our sincere thanks for the very gracious reviews you have posted in recent days and glad everything worked out with FedEx. God Bless.

      Never thought I’d buy fat!

      Really adds even more flavor to my wonderful ribeyes

      First time for everything Robert :).........thanks for giving us a chuckle here and delighted you have found value in adding some clean , organic grass-fed beef fat to your diet. It certainly does add lots of extra favor and moisture when cooking steaks plus its a wonderful clean energy source. Cheers Robert!


      It's so delicious and tender 👌

      Hahaha - Thank You Marwa :)


      This is the best oxtail ever so yummy 🥰

      So happy to read you have enjoyed the Oxtail Marwa!!


      I ordered different types of beef to taste which amazed me, everything was great, the package was excellent 👌 The quality and taste are amazing.
      Thank you so much 🥰

      Thank You for giving us the oppertunity Marwa! We hope you order with us again soon.


      Delish and fresh meat. How fortunate I feel to have this source of very fresh, non aged beef.
      Thank you, Ken for creating this business and making these products available to us.

      We are very grateful to have earned your patronage June. To Your Good Health!

      Delicious Lamb Chops

      Very good when baked

      A great way to cook the Lamb Loin Chops WC!! So glad you enjoyed :)

      There is nothing better

      The ribeyes are delicious, incredible by themselves, on tacos or salads. However you eat them, you won’t be disappointed.
      We’ve bought from Ken and Karina for almost two years now and have never been disappointed in the quality of meat or customer service. We place bulk orders fairly often and appreciate the quality of meat we’re feeding our family with none of the things added in that we want to avoid. We started out with buying the 1/4 a cow options but quickly realized the individual bulk steak options better suited our family and we haven’t looked back!

      Hi Madelyn, all we can say is THANK YOU for your patronage. Reading your review today gave us goosebumps and a feeling of tremendous gratitude. You and your husband have been amazingly loyal customers. Over the past 2 years, your orders pop into our production schedule with such frequency , we thought your were feeding a small army :) God Bless you both.