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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      Have a browse through reviews left by our customers. All our reviews are verified and come from genuine customers with proof of purchase history before being published by Judge.me.

      Independent 3rd party instpections of our farms and livestock give you the assurance you are buying an authentic 100% Organic, 100% Grass-Fed & Finished product that is a lean, clean, and healthy red meat not found anywhere else.

      Based on 592 reviews
      Absolutely Delicious

      I will never buy beef anywhere else other than true beef. I have ordered several times from this company and the quality and flavor is unbeatable. I love supporting family farmers and I love buying quality meat especially in these crazy times! The burgers are absolutely delicious I can totally tell now the difference between quality hamburger and hamburger that is junk. Highly recommend worth every penny.

      Hi Rachel.....you dont beat around the bush thats for sure :) :). Always great to learn a customer enjoys our meats. You made a GREAT choice in buying the Bulk Burger Patties btw.....a nice saving and they do indeed taste great. To Your Good Health Rachel! Ken - TruBeef Founder

      This meat is so delicious and has such a great taste.

      We love the meat it was so fresh and great tasting. It taste so much better than the stores. We will and would definitely order again. Great service. Thank you so very much.🙂

      ....THANK YOU Alfred for ordering with us. So glad everything met with your approval. I can promise you the same high farm standards, meat quality and service everytime. We are grateful for you taking the time to review. To Your Good Health, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Beef Fat Trimmings

      I air fried these Beef Fat Trimmings and ate them along side some hamburger meat. So good! The leftover tallow grease is now in my refrigerator for cooking. I will be buying again!

      Air Fried Fat Trimmings.......now youre talkin' Tracey!!! We do this ourselves. A tasty way to enjoy healthy, organic grass-fed/finished fat. Thanks for taking the time to review. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Simple Steak Bites

      I fryed these up with some extra fat and a little Redmond Real Salt. Simple perfection!

      Hi Tracey, the Steak Bites are a bargain for what you get ( 1 lb of diced Filet,Ribeye and NY Strip) and a quick fry on the pan is the PERFECT way to enjoy them. Thanks for your business and trust in what we do Tracey!! To Your Good Health, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      My new favorite fat!

      Move over beef fat trimmings...suet, with all its tenderness, is my new favorite!

      WONDERFUL to hear Chanda! Suet truly is a special form of fat and you are getting it in its natural form. No hydrogenated , deodorized jars here....just clean organic Suet. Remember.....our Suet is LOADED in fat soluble Vit A,D, E and K plus very high in CLA's. To Your Good Health Chanda & Thanks for your custom, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Oxtail was falling off the bone!!

      I slow cooked my oxtail on Low for 8 hours and it was falling off the bone. It was so tender and full of flavor. I love oxtail soup but this was the most tender and tastiest I've ever had!! So glad I have another bag in my freezer.

      Now that is how you cook Oxtails Chanda.......falling off the bone!!!! Love it , Love it , Love it!
      Dont forget , you are getting really high levels of natural bio-available Collagen in these Organic Grass-Fed/Finished Oxtails too. Delighted you enjoyed :) Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Love it

      This is my third order from Trubeef and I couldn’t be more happy with the organic beef and organic lamb chops. They are super helpful, very friendly and knowledgeable. I used to buy from a local rancher but Trubeef is far superior. Definitely 5 star!!

      Sincere thanks for the kind feedback Craig and happy to learn our Lamb Chops met with your approval. We are extremely grateful for your custom. To Your Good Health, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      I never going back to regular ground beef

      My nutritionist put me on a diet of liver daily to combat my genetic anemia. I scoured the web and landed on Trubeef. I order liver but noticed the ancestral blend. From the 1st bite I knew this was something very different. 2 days so far, it’s delicious and while I do taste the liver it’s very enjoyable. I’m on a monthly shipping so I’m not going back to the old way. Here’s to my health.

      HI Cassandra, our Organic Grass-fed/Finished Ancestral Blend is most definitely 'Ground Beef with Benefits' thats for sure and am really happy to learn you enjoy it. Based on experience with other customers, I am very confident the nutrients in our Ancestral Blend will be a huge help to your anemia issue. Heres to your vibrant health!!! Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder


      Just made hamburgers tonight and this stuff is great. You don't even need salt and pepper. The natural taste is amazing.

      Super to learn you enjoy our Organic Grass-fed/Finished Burgers Thabiti. Thanks so much for the feedback. Best Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Buy it

      I've had liver before and this is not like the liver I had as a kid. I hesitated to take a bite after I cooked it but It tasted great and the texture was even better. This is a must have if you are on Keto or Carnivore diet. If you give it a chance you will not regret it. The price is high but you have to pay for quality.

      Thank You so much for taking the time to provide such a wonderful review Thabiti. We are blessed to have earned your business. To Your Good Health! Ken - TruBeef Organic

      A bit oily marrows

      I have to get used to these grass-fed, grass-finished marrows. They are more oily than the marrows I was used to from the store.

      Hi Nancy, you have no worries here. What you have pointed out is a classic hallmark of a very clean, organic grass-fed only animal where the marrow is light , buttery and fatty when cooked as opposed to slightly spongy, caked and more dense which you will find in a grocery store/wholefoods.
      Our Marrow is loaded in CLA's and fat soluble vitamins A,D, E and K so dont be afraid to embrace this incredible form of fat..... clean, healthy fat from Marrow Bones is an incredible source of fuel, vitamins and anti inflammatory CLA's.

      On Cooking of our Marorw Bones : I personally bake in the oven on foil at 450F for 20/25 mins until bones are browned and the marrow is liquid like. Add Salt and enjoy :)

      Cheers Nancy, we are very grateful for your custom. Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Tasty lamb chops

      I really enjoyed the grilled lamb chops seasoned with herbs/salt. Very tasty!!!

      Thanks for taking the time to review our Organic Grass-Fed Lamb Rib Chops Nancy and as a new TruBeef customer it is great to learn you enjoyed these. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Best Hot Dogs Out There!

      You can't find a better tasting organic hot dog out there!

      What a lovely compliment on our Hotdogs Greg. Thank You!! We worked really hard to get ourorganic grass-fed hotdogs flavor just right while also keeping them super clean and healthy. I am delighted you have enjoyed. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Top Quality

      Great flavor! Feels really good to eat quality meat which is so hard to find! I will be buying more in the future.

      Wonderful to learn the Bulk order has worked out for you Rachel. We are very blessed to have earned your custom. Sincere Thanks, Ken - TruBeef Founder


      Have ordered these before. They are perfect. Great service. Will continue to order! Thank you for such a great product and great service!

      THANK YOU for being our customer Sherry! To Your Good Health! Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Plus 5 stars

      As a first food to my 5.5 month old this was a success. Simmered for hours to get a rick broth this was a hit. My daughter loved it! It had a rich taste and is super beneficial to be able to introduce a not only wonderful food for her thriving body but also a great product. Thank you for keeping your beef free from all the unnecessary additives. Momma approved!

      Dear Anna, drinking broth from our Organic Grass-Fed/Finished Broth Bones will do anyone the world of good but giving it to your 5 month old daughter will do WONDERS for her immune system and microbiome. We have many Moms feeding their kids TruBeef but I think 5 and half months old is a new record!!!! I cannot tell you how happy we are to read this Anna. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Yummy burgers!

      I started an animal based diet a few weeks ago and these patties make amazing burgers, and the fact Trubeef only sells grass finished beef means my gut is happy as well.

      Hi Zachary, congrats on switching to animal based and hope you are thriving my friend!! Many thanks for the feedback on our Organic Grass-Fed Burger Patties. One of my favorites as they are so handy to make yet super tasty. Glad they are working out for you. To Your Good Health Zachary, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Suet
      Cloyde Gregory (Strasburg, CO)
      High Quality

      I received my order. When I inspected it, it was high quality suet. Very nice. I use suet misty for my pemmican and general cooking use.
      I rendered it yesterday. It was VERY dense suet. Some of it would crumble. This is a very good sign of density.
      I went and made another order yesterday as well.
      Having researched the husbandry of of cattle and other forces of meat sources, what this company does is the right way to raise bovines (cattle or Buffalo).

      I would highly recommend their products. When it comes to your health and life, it matters.

      I know that some use suet for soaps and possibly other products. If you need high end suet, this is the place to order from. You won’t be sorry.

      Hi Cloyde, thank you so much for the tremendous reveiw of our Organic Grass-Fed/Fiished Suet. It truly is an amazing fat. Wonderful to learn you use it in your own pemmican and for cooking!! Grateful for your custom and for taking the time to provide feedback. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Liver Once Per Week...Like Childhood

      TruBeef liver is grass finished which means no grain is used in feed. This makes for a better omega 3 profile which keeps the inflammation response under control. Soaking the liver in homemade buttermilk before pan-frying has yielded a mild flavor. I am back on liver once a week (and I was a healthy kid!).

      Hi CJ, what a lovely thing to read! We are privileged that our Liver is part of you re-claiming good health. Dont forget, our Liver is also 100% Organic so no chemicals, glyphosate, antibiotics,hormones, cattle chemical dips......just a very clean beef liver. Thanks CJ. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Beef patties

      We have not indulged yet, but look forward to doing so as I am sure they are wonderful.

      Hi Lucy, thanks for your custom with us. I am 100% Confident you will enjoy our Organic Grass-Fed Burgers. To your good health, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Best tasting Lamb I have ever had

      Normally I don't like lamb; but I bought it because of the reviews. These lamb loin chops tasted delicious. Fresh taste, not wild taste. Cooked in my air fryer; based on website instructions at truorganicbeef.com. They were perfect. Warmed left overs in skillet. Thanks for your wonderful service.

      Hi Gloria, great to learn you have enjoyed our Lamb Loin Chops. My own personal favorite!
      2 key factors make our Lamb very different from anything on offer in North America. 1. We raise Dorper Lamb Breed - a breed considered the very best for meat and a breed that does not produce wool ( which is what gives regular lamb its greasy/gamey taste). 2. The clean, organic, wild grass diet of the lamb gives incredible flavor. Airfryer is the PERFECT way to cook these tasty chops so great job Gloria! Best Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Meaty Broth Bones

      These broth bones are meaty and make a rich and flavorful broth. Will definitely purchase again!

      Wonderful News Joan! Homemade Organic, Grass-Fed Bone Broth.....nothing more healing and comforting. To your good health Joan. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Bulk Ribeye Steak ~ Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished | 30 Steaks
      Ronald Davis (Chicago, IL)
      Best Steaks Ever

      What can I truly say other than Trubeef has the best steaks of any purveyor out there. And not only that the price point is what I love about Trubeef you have a great product.

      Hi Ron, it has been our great pleasure to serve your needs. Without great customers, we are nothing , so a huge and sincere THANK YOU for your custom and spending your hard earned money with us. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Someone I can finally trust!

      Went to a local rancher who states his beef is grass fed. Found out his beef goes to a feed lot for fattening up before going to the butcher. No where was this in his literature. So glad I found your web site and the peace of mind you offer for someone with autoimmune disease! The rib eyes were so tender and the filet mignon literally melted in my mouth! Slow cooked my beef bone for a bone broth to heal my insides. Thank you so much for educating us and providing quality!

      Hi Eileen, first and foremost.....we are truly thankful you decided to give us a try. We reognize that our customers place alot of trust in us and we take this responsibility very seriously , so THANK YOU for your trust and kind feedback. I am delighted you enjoyed our Ribeyes, Filet and Healing Bone Broth!

      You have highlighted a problem we have seen other customers report on i.e. .......local ranchers selling what they can as grass-fed/pasture raised ( which is GREAT btw) but the livestock they do not sell....goes to the feedlot yards ....not so great :( . I can promise you, your review has prompted me to take this issue up in our blog posts and social media posts in the coming weeks - watch this space as consumers do need to be aware of this and at the very least - learn the pointed questions to ask a rancher, just to ensure folks are getting what they pay for and buying meat from a rancher that aligns with their own values and ethics. Thank you so much for being such a mindful consumer of meat Eileen. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Awesome tasting suet!

      I had never purchased suet before, only already rendered tallow. I thought I'd give it a try. I put the suet in a saucepan and simmered it on low for a few hours. This separated the tallow from the suet so I can use for cooking/frying. The tallow is superb. What is also VERY tasty is taking the pieces of suet still remaining and frying it in a pan until crispy. Delicious!! Saturated fat from properly raised animals does a body good!

      Hi Joan, well done!! This is exactly how to turn Suet into wonderful Organic Grass-Fed Tallow...and homemade too:). You now have the healthiest fat available, with a high smoke point and loaded in fat soluable Vitamin A,D,E and K. Great job Joan and yes....the crisy bits are divine. Ken - TruBeef Founder