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Our Organic Beef Farms

At TruBeef, our whole ethos is integrity and transparency to bring you as close to the farm origin as possible. Our Carbon Neutral Farms work in harmony with nature, taking a traditional 'back-to-basics' approach.
We passionately believe in sustainable, regenerative, organic farming values which have been practiced by all our family farms for generations. All our cattle are on a strict diet of 100% natural, lush, nutrient rich wild grass ~ which means all our organic family farms produce consistently high-quality Grass-fed and Grass-finished beef.

The Walker Family.

One of our trusted Organic farmers whose family has been tending the same pasturelands in Queensland for generations

A Heritage on Horseback.

Farmers like Amanda Walker still rely on horses to help guide their cattle to new fields

The Grummit Family.

Meet three generations of the Grummit family - all proud pioneers of Australian Organic Beef farming


Has proudly spearheaded the Organic Beef movement for years

Connected to the Land.

Inspecting the land before moving their herd

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