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      Are you a Specialty Food Store, Grocer, Wholesaler, Restaurant Owner, Private or Personal Chef, Caterer, Food Retailer, Butcher? 
      Looking to sell or serve TruBeef Organic Grass-Fed products?

      Our Premium Beef, Steaks, Beef Broth Bones, Offal Meats, as well as our Dorper Lamb are all Raised and Harvested Australian Beef and Lamb. 

      USDA Certified 100% Organic, Non-GMO, 100% Pasture-Raised, 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef and Lamb, Regeneratively Raised, Animal Welfare Certified, 100% Natural, Halal Certified, and Carbon Neutral Product. TruBeef Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Dorper Lamb is committed to Ethical, Sustainable, and Regenerative Farming. All our farms are Carbon Negative. Our business is Carbon Neutral.

      Just like all our steaks online, all our Grass-Fed Organic Beef and Dorper Lamb are Unaged Organic Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished to minimize histamine development. TruBeef Organic is ideal for those with histamine intolerance, auto-immune diseases, or on Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) Diet & Paleo Diet. All our Lamb comes from the very same Regenerative Organic livestock farm as our Beef, so you are assured of the very same high standards every time.

      Only Certified 100% Organic guarantees No glyphosate, No herbicide, No toxic pesticides, No chemical fertilizers, No antibiotics, No artificial hormones, No GMOs, No antibiotics, No growth hormones, No additives, No animal by-products.

      Our independent third-party verifications and certifications guarantee unbiased, rigorous, and transparent product claims for our Dorper Lamb and Beef.

      T: (619) 333-8942 | (619) 798-8300

      TruBeef Organic Grass-fed Beef Steak Wholesale Inquiries