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      Organic Grass-fed Beef Bones, Organs (Offal Meats), Suet, Fats


      All our Regenerative, Organic Farms raise the healthiest animals to provide the most natural offal meats and fats. Our beef cattle are independently verified as living on pasture 24/7 as nature intended. The sacred cow, from nose to tail is utilized just like our ancestors did.
      At TruBeef, our nutrient-dense Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Offal Meats, Bones, and Fats are free of man-made toxins. These cuts are extremely popular with our customers on a Carnivore Diet, Animal-Based Diet, Paleo, Pure Keto Diet, and AIP Diet.
      No pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers are used on TruBeef pastures. 
      No grains, hormones, antibiotics, feed supplements, or GMOs are ever used.
      With TruBeef, you are eating from a beef herd fed exclusively on Organic wild grasses.