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We Source

We give you the cleanest, most natural, and best tasting aged beef so you can eat with total confidence. Directly sourced from sustainable and regenerative family farms in Australia with a long history of traditional and eco-friendly farming.
All our family-owned farms are proudly Certified Carbon Neutral.


You Order

You're in control.
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We Deliver

Relax while TruBeef, your trusted online butcher does all the hard work. Our premium aged beef is blast cell frozen after cutting and portioning your order, ensuring peak freshness and a full flavored eating experience.
All deliveries are shipped in fully recyclable and eco-friendly insulated boxes with dry ice. We deliver to all lower 48 states & DC.

Organic Grass-fed beef Curated Boxes



Never any grains, herbicides, pesticides, additives, added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, feedlots, or GMOs. Ever!


TruBeef stands for pasture-raised 'back-to-basics' farming with quality over quantity. 
We passionately believe in sustainable, regenerative, organic farming values which have been practiced by all our family farms for generations. 
Your health and wellness are our priority. We are extremely proud of the unrivalled quality and the level of third-party independent certifications that TruBeef holds.
All our Australian beef farms work to the highest possible global standards so you, our customer can buy with total confidence and satisfaction.

Just as nature intended, cattle are ruminants, meaning they’re born to eat grass and not grains. That’s why all our cattle are Grass-fed & Grass-finished and humanely raised on Organic pastures year-round. This natural grass-based diet is what gives TruBeef its delicious and savory flavors that can’t be found from grain-fed beef. That's as primal and Paleo as beef gets! 

The healthy, succulent, and high-quality beef our cattle produce has fewer calories, zero carbs, is keto friendly and gluten free. Compared to industrial grain-fed beef, TruBeef is more flavorsome, contains more healthy unsaturated fats, 60% more Omega 3s, more Vitamin A & E, and three times more conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs). Trubeef is committed to traditional, eco-friendly, and sustainable farming. It's the robust health of our farmland and clean diet of our cattle that refines TruBeef's flavor and consistency. Eat and enjoy TruBeef with total confidence. 

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Because it all matters! For beef to be at its absolute most natural, it must be 100% Organic and 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished.

All our premium beef comes directly from our sustainable, eco-friendly, family-owned farms who have been raising cattle the traditional and ethical way for generations. TRUBEEF is an online butcher with the highest possible standards and we only consider beef truly natural when it is Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished. That's the #TRUBEEF Difference!

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From Our Pastures to Your Plate.

Sourced 12 months a year, our perfectly aged beef is consistently tender and mouth-watering. We guarantee our delicious Grass-fed and Grass-finished beef arrives to your door at its optimum rich beefy flavor. As a Carbon Neutral Business, we offset the carbon footprint of our beef's journey from our pastures to your plate.

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