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      Unaged Beef / Low Histamine Beef



      At TruBeef Organic, we have specialized in Unaged Beef and Unaged Lamb from the start.

      This is because more than 80% of our customers are dealing with some form of severe allergy, histamine intolerance, or autoimmune disease, so we are acutely aware of the very specific protocols and needs our customers and their children must have in place to be able to safely eat our Unaged Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb without any fear of adverse reaction. We are proud of our flawless track record with some of the most ill people, many of whom have finally been able to eat clean beef and lamb with complete confidence for the first time in their lives.

      At TruBeef Organic, we use quick harvesting and processing times then quickly proceed to blast cell freeze our meats to avoid any histamine, mold, or pathogen development. We do not age our meats (dry age or wet age). We only use BPA-free and PFAS-free vacuum packaging to avoid toxins leaching onto our meat cuts. At TruBeef Organic, we offer a product that is completely free of modern / man-made inorganic compounds and chemicals.

      Our Allergen Statement. All our Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb feast on a 100% organic, naturally occurring wild grass diet every day of their lives. Nothing else. All native grasses are wild and not cultivated from seed.

      None of the following is found in our products or facility:
      • Peanut or its derivatives • Tree Nuts • Dairy or its derivatives • Eggs or their derivatives • Fish or its derivatives • Shellfish or its derivatives • Soy or its derivatives • Wheat or any other grains
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