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      Without a meaningful third-party animal welfare certification, you, the consumer cannot truly know how farm animals are really raised. 

      TruBeef puts its farm animals first and has met the high farm animal welfare standards of Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P. Step 4) which is a certification recognized by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

      When you buy TruBeef, you are also buying into a set of ethical standards that we and our farms are held accountable to and gives you, our customer, the assurance that every animal on every farm is raised to the highest wellness standards and humane treatment. 
      To pass G.A.P. Step 4 certification, all our farms must pass strict standards on non-confinement, being outdoors, weaning, shelter / shade, access to water and forage, homeopathic and herbal treatment, air quality, sanitation, transport time, veterinary care, and the calm professional movement of herds.

      Sadly, most meat operations here in North America refuse to be inspected and prefer to carry no animal welfare certification but do make the unregulated claim "Humanely Raised". 

      If you never buy from us, we respectfully ask that you support farm operations and meat suppliers that do hold recognized welfare certification. In doing so, you are directly supporting the well-being of farm animals and driving change in livestock farming.