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      There is a lot of Greenwashing in the meat industry. Many of our competitors are vague in their unproven label claims of being "Grass-Fed", "Pasture-Raised", "Non-GMO", "Hormone-Free", and "Antibiotic-Free". Some even suggest their meat is "Beyond Organic", "Better than Organic", or "More than Organic".

      Making baseless marketing claims without any recognized standard or independent third-party verification is the very definition of Greenwashing.


      Currently here in the US, there is no legal definition or enforcement of the term "Grass-Fed" for meat or dairy. Any producer can use the "Grass-Fed" label claim and sadly this goes unchecked at the farm level. This is misleading to consumers and open to abuse by producers.

      Additionally, "Grass-Fed" does not even guarantee that cattle are raised outdoors in a natural environment on pastures. Nor does the term "Grass-Fed" guarantee consumers the cattle eat organic grass (free of chemicals).

      Some "Grass-Fed" producers keep their cattle indoors and use commercial grass pellets or use cut grass heavily treated with chemicals. In short, while the term "Grass-Fed" conjures images of cattle in a clean natural environment, this can be very far from the truth.

      Click here to read our recent article where we take a look at:

      • The Problem with the Grass-Fed Label.
      • How to tell real / genuine Grass-Fed beef from fake.
      • Three (3) NGOs that inspect and verify Grass-Fed farms as genuine.
      • How to spot the physical appearance of real Grass-Fed beef and fake.
      • The key question to ask a local beef rancher before you buy their beef.


      At TruBeef we believe our customers deserve total transparency and the highest standards in the world. All our family farms are independently verified and certified as USDA Certified 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Third-Party Verified Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished, and Pasture-Raised!

      Only USDA Certified 100% Organic guarantees No glyphosate, No herbicide, No toxic pesticides, No chemical fertilizers, No antibiotics, No artificial hormones, No growth hormones, No additives, No animal by-products, No GMOs.

      No unfounded marketing claims. Our independent third-party verifications and certifications guarantee unbiased, rigorous, and transparent product claims for our premium beef and Dorper lamb.

      When you buy TruBeef Organic, you are also buying into a set of ethical standards that we and our farms are held accountable to and gives you, our customer, the assurance that every animal on every farm is raised to the highest wellness standards and humane treatment. 

      Organic Grass-Fed is the benchmark for untainted Grass-Fed farming and the foundation for Clean, Regenerative farm practices. All our farm animals remain and graze on Certified Organic Wild Grass Pastures from birth to harvest. No organic grains, No organic feeds, No feedlots, ever!

      Our Organic livestock farmers work in harmony with nature and have been practicing regenerative farming techniques for generations. Our Regenerative Organic farming doesn’t just protect and preserve land and resources, it leaves these in a far stronger condition than ever before.

      We are fully audited for our carbon footprint and sustainable regenerative farming practices ~ and we’re the first Carbon-Neutral Meat Company in North America!

      This level of farm, supply chain, and food transparency is what sets TruBeef Organic apart from our competitors. You can enjoy TruBeef Organic with complete confidence in our quality and integrity.

      The #TruBeef Way. Certified Organic and 3rd Party Verified.


      At TruBeef, we carry the following stringent verification and certification standards:
      • USDA National Organic Program

      TruBeef is Certified 100% Organic meaning zero chemical inputs on all our family farms. We believe the "Grass-Fed" claim is simply not enough, and for cattle to eat the most natural diet possible, it must be free of all herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers.

      100% Organic status is the gold standard for Organic Certification here in the US, where every aspect of the farming process, supply chain, and chain of custody is fully audited.

      Every step in the chain of custody is inspected by independent third parties to ensure all practices adhere to USDA National Organic Program (NOP). With the TruBeef Organic Beef and Lamb range, you can buy with full confidence and assurance there are no chemicals present.

      For more information, please check out

      100% Grass-Fed
      No antibiotics administered
      No added hormones
      Not confined
      Free Range - Never confined to feed lot
      Vegetarian fed

      *We encourage all beef consumers to see what FSIS approvals their meat really holds. For more information, please check out

      • Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Animal Welfare 

      Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) is considered the benchmark for Animal Welfare Standards. Many other animal welfare agencies here in the US such as Certified Humane use a "sampling model" that inspects only 10% of farms, but certifies all 100%. G.A.P. on the other hand inspects every single animal, on every single farm in different seasons, every 15 months.

      Additionally, agencies such as Certified Humane, use in-house employees as inspectors ~ this is a huge conflict of interest. G.A.P. uses independent third-party inspectors for farm visits.

      To learn the most important difference between G.A.P. and Certified Humane, please click here

      For more information about Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) please click here


      • Certified 100% Carbon-Neutral by Carbon Reduction Institute

      TruBeef is the first Carbon-Neutral Meat Company in North America! Our Organic family farms have been practicing Regenerative Livestock Farming and Pasture Management for generations. Despite our farms being carbon negative by carbon sequestering in the vibrant organic soil, we recognize as a business we must take responsibility for the entire carbon footprint of our business beyond the farm gate to your door.

      TruBeef is audited by NoCO2, and offsets the carbon footprint of our non-farm operations including transport, packaging, refrigeration, dry ice (CO2 gas), and delivery. By achieving 100% Carbon-Neutral status through our entire supply chain; we are one of a small handful of livestock producers in the world who take such responsibility for our climate impact.

      For more information about NoCO2 Carbon Neutral Program [the longest-running and market-leading climate change certification program in Australia], please check out


      • Halal Certification

      When you order Beef and Lamb from TruBeef Organic, you can be 100% confident you are buying Halal Meat that is clean, safe, and certified by recognized organizations to oversee our Halal meat production. Every animal is raised outdoors in a completely natural environment, eating nothing but wild grass on our organic farms. Our high standards ensure Halal integrity is always maintained.

      Our Halal Lamb is certified by Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia Inc. (SICHMA).
      Our Halal Beef is certified by Al-Iman Islamic Society (AIS).