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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      Based on 468 reviews
      Great Ground Beef!

      Definitely tastes far better than anything in the stores, and I actually feel better after eating this, as opposed to store bought.
      I'm a heavy meat eater, and this is after a 1 month trial. Thanks!

      Always great to receive such high praise from a big meat eater Morgan so thank you for the great feedback on our Ground Beef. We are very grateful for your custom. Thanks - Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Ancestral Blend is FANTASTIC!

      The Ancestral Blend is FANTASTIC. Don't let the "organ meat" scare you off. It tastes amazing (coming from someone who typically despises red meat). It's super easy to get the nutrient benefits of organ meat without any mess or gross smells. Delivery is fast and safe. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to up level their nutrition without sacrificing flavor.

      Thanks very much for the positive feedback Angela! We created our Ancestral Blend so it would work for people just like you, so to get the seal of approval means alot. It does indeed have all the nutritional benefits without any sacrifice on taste. Delighted you enjoyed it! Regards , Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Really good product

      I have had a hard time eating beef and chicken liver in the past - I am pretty sure every single time has been grain fed. I have had to dilute it a ton with other foods and spices. I ordered grass fed from Trubeef and was surprised that it is so mild and somewhat sweet. It is definitely not as delicious as steak or other muscle cuts, but I can easily eat it alone with just salt. I will be ordering more. The liver cuts from Trubeef look visually much more healthy than ones I have bought frozen from grocery stores. Shipping was great - very well packaged and products were still frozen after sitting on my entryway in the sun for several hours.

      Thanks for the review Andrew. Our Organic Grass-Fed Liver does indeed have an almost sweetness to it and is very mild. This is entirely down to the grass only / chemical free diet of the cattle plus we treat organ meats very carefuly to ensure they are super fresh. Grateful for your order and hope you order again soon. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      This was incredible, the best hamburger i ever ate and the healthiest!

      So glad you enjoyed our Ancestral Blend Al! Thanks for your order and for taking the time to review. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Better than advertised

      Thank You for the positive feedback Jeremy. We hope you order from us again soon. Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Fresh tasty beef

      Came out perfect on grill, great texture and taste.

      Grateful for your order and taking the time to review our Organic Grass-Fed Burgers Mara. Sincere Thanks, Ken, TruBeef Founder.

      Grass fed and finished hot dogs!!

      It’s really hard to find this quality hot dogs at the local stores, I am glad that i found it here. We are enjoying them very much. Thank you!

      Hi Linda, happy to learn you have enjoyed our Grass-Fed Beef Hotdogs. They are as clean as it gets and delighted you could taste the difference! Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Umami at its finest!!

      I’m so glad my friend Shari introduced me to this company. Her abs I share the same passion for food, which is how we met at work 6 years ago! Having that said…this marrow is not only the best I’ve ever had…but one of the BEST things I’ve ever eaten in my life. And I’ve eaten pretty much everything! It’s so clean and buttery and filled with that umami taste that makes your entire body feel completely at peace in food heaven. I was supposed to use the marrow in my bone broth, but ended up eating more that half of it before hand 😂😂😂. Anyways…highly highly recommend this to everyone. I can get marrow here where I live but will now always order form you guys!!

      Dear Ladan, thank you so much for such a gracious review. Our Organic Grass-Fed Marrow Bones are the business for sure and to read such positive feedback is a real treat for us. That great clean flavor is all down to clean, regenerative organic farming and truly happy cattle. Delighted you enjoyed your first order with us and I can promise you the same high standards every time. Thanks again Ladan! Regards, Ken , Founder TruBeef

      Really fast shipping! everything was frozen and the meat taste great

      Very grateful for taking the time to review. Glad you enjoyed everything Justin. Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Beef Cheeks 😋

      The first time I experienced beef cheeks was in Europe and they were the most moist and melt in your mouth meat that I had. I look forward to preparing these from Tru Beef as I am confident I will have the same wonderful experience.
      Thank you Ken for providing all of us with your meats.

      THANK YOU Lucy for ordering with us and for the positive feedback. Our Beef Cheeks are very popular and one of my personal favorites - please enjoy! Ken @ TruBeef

      Awesome the Way it Should be

      I spent a weekend searching for healthy meat online. Meat that came from well cared for animals and babies. Blessed to find TruBeef and delivery was fast. While I have not tasted everything I ordered, what I habe tasted was really delicious. Please dont stop doing what you do ao well. Tha ks

      Thank you for the wonderful encouragement Casey! We dont do anything at all....we just get out of the way and let Mother Nature do the hard work. Thank you for your custom and for taking the time out of your day to send in a review. Regards, Ken, TruBeef Founder

      It will happen

      I’m about to grill my T Bone tonight, I know we will love them as we have the ground beef!

      Hi David, please enjoy the T-Bone. Aim for a nice medium rare to medium and just add salt!!! Sincere thanks for taking the time to review. Regards, Ken @ truBeef

      Gift Cards
      Tina Mendeloff (Plainfield, CT)
      My brother loved his first ribeye

      I sent my brother a gift certificate for his birthday. He ordered ribeyes. Had his first one last night and texted me this morning. Said, "came out medium rare and delish." Due to his dietary restrictions, he can only have one a week. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to them!

      HI Tina, most of our customers are on some form of restrictive diet to either regain health or maintain good health. Privilaged that TruBeef is part of your brothers diet and delighted he enjoyed. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Where have you been my whole life

      Great stuff. Love everything about you guys. Keep it up

      Hi Ron, what a nice thing to say!! We are very grateful for our customers. Glad you liked everything. Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Everything was fine , only the box in which the dry ice should be was empty!
      The next time I would like also to deliver just with and for the day when I am home because this box stood outside 24 hours. I was not home. Can you make delivery in future just for the day when I will choose?

      Hi Zofia, glad everything met with your approval. The Dry Ice box is empty when all the dry ice melts, it turns into gas and leaves no trace. This is on purpose. We try to calculate for enough dry ice for the journey but not too much to avoid waste and for safety reasons. Unfortunatly, we would not know you are not home unless you let us know in advance. We do send emails to confirm an order has shipped plus two further emails on the day of delivery so our customers are in the loop at all times. Please kindly email or call us the next time you order and we will do our very best to time a delivery to a better time window that suits you. Cheers Zofia. Please enjoy the rest of your order and thanks for your review. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Great product!

      Best liver I have ever had!

      Thanks so much for the feedback on our Liver Greg. We appreciate your custom very much. Ken Power, TruBeef Founder

      Ground beef

      All I can say if your used to eating corn fed ground beef I was skeptical but what a difference grass finished makes I don't get paid for this just so you know.more Omega 3 better taste

      Hi Joel, so glad you have enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed Non GMO Ground Beef - it really does make a huge difference in flavor and health benefits. Thanks for your review and order Joel. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef


      The ancestral blend was awesome when sautéed with Ghee Butter, Garlic and a Pinch of Sea Salt and Pepper. Dipped in St. Elmo’s Steak Sauce adds to the savory taste.

      That sounds delicious Tom. A neat way to utilize Ancestral Blend - I will be trying this one myself!! Thanks for taking the time to review. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Love it!

      I never ate liver before I tried Grass Fed Grass Finished liver from Trubeef. Now I'm hooked. Hot or cold I love liver! And it's so good for you.

      Wonderful Sylvia!! Delighted our Liver ticks all the boxes for you. It is nice and mild. Many Thanks for reviewing. Regards, Ken@ TruBeef

      Great for Chili

      I know organ meats are good for your health in everyway but I dont like the taste that much. I found this Ancestral Blend goes great in chili. Will be ordering more in the future.

      Great to hear Samuel, we will be honored. Chili with our Ancestral Blend sounds GREAT and nutritient dense from the Liver and Kidney. I am very grateful for your order and review. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Burgers were great

      Glad you enjoyed the Burgers Joel - I love have them a few times a week myself! Sincere thanks for your review and for ordering with us. Ken, TruBeef Founder

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ribeye Steak
      Stuart & Maria sher (Washington, DC)
      Simply the best

      Simply the best It can’t get any better Thank you to the family of Tr beef

      Dear Stuart and Maria, THANK YOU for your custom! I am very grateful for you taking the time to review. To your good health, Ken @ TruBeef

      Beef Short Ribs

      Beef short ribs was all bones and hardly any meat. The width of the short ribs is 1.5 inch wide so basically paid $15 a pound for all bones. Very disappointed.

      Hi Sandy, thanks for your review. While Flanken cut short ribs will always have 4 ribs at the base, this is the first negative review on our short ribs. I will contact you today directly.Thanks for your order and your review! Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Good, clean food

      Will order again.

      Hi John, great to hear you approve. We look forward to you ordering with us again. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef

      Delicious and tender!

      These are cut thicker than loin chops I’ve used in the past, so after broiling, I roasted them a few minutes until they reached the temp I wanted. I followed a chart for cooking grass-fed, organic meat (which is different than industrial, store-bought meat), and they turned out perfectly!

      Hi Amber, LOVE the attention to detail in your cooking the Lamb Loin Chops. It is a sure fire way to ensure a really great eating experience and you are right, genuine grass-fed red meat cooks very differently than conventional / feedlot meat. You Nailed it! Thanks for reviewing Amber. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef