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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      Based on 301 reviews

      I never made tallow and TRUBEEF were extremely helpful. That was the best tallow I ever had. The steaks I purchased were the best quality of steaks I ever had. They were delivered in a timely manner and answered all my questions. I referred them to family and friends. I look forward to future purchases. Thank you for the excellent service and the overall quality .

      Hi Jan, it sounds like you nailed the Tallow on first try- WELL DONE and glad I could walk you through the steps to make your own Tallow with our Suet over the phone. Great to hear you like the steaks also. We appreciate your custom Jan! Ken @ TruBeef


      The Liver I purchased from TruBeef is amazingly delicious! It is the best liver I have ever tried. My diet is 90% vegan and my nutritionist recommended I eat liver for a specific health concern. I searched the internet to find the most humane and environmentally conscious source of grass fed and finished beef and Kenโ€™s company TruBeef was the one I chose. The commitment this company has to the humane & kind treatment of animals and the awareness and concern regarding raising farm animals and itโ€™s impact on the planet was paramount in my decision to purchase. They even ship in completely biodegradable and recyclable materials. I cannot praise Ken enough! Thank you , thank you , thank you ! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

      Hi Janice, our sincere thanks for taking time out of your day for such a comprehensive review! TruBeef was set up specifically for customers like yourself that place a high value on animal welfare and the environment. Delighted you ordered from us and that you liked the Liver! Thank You Janice, Ken @ TruBeef

      Collagen! Flavor! So easy you just need some time.

      I hadn't had ox tails in years and I don't know why, silly me. These things are amazing and SO easy to make and have them come out exceptionally well. A pound bag is just the right size for 2 people, or a person who wants a few meals.

      Put the ox tails in a dutch oven that has a lid
      Salt them.
      Add bone broth or water
      Some red wine if that's on your radar. Spices too, but I don't eat spices/herbs (due to the oxalates)
      Ignore it for about 3 hours then check for tenderness. You may need to give it one more hour.

      Be aware that high heat can render them tough.

      I think in Jamaica they call this something like suck off the meat good!
      Speaking of bones, I added mine to the bag in the freezer of other bones waiting to be turned into broth.

      I put a lot of bone broth in mine so that I have a lot left over for the freezer.
      I could live on ox tails - the collagen and flavor is out of this world!

      Glad you liked the Oxtails Gail and thanks for the tips on how you make them. I'm afraid we dont have any plans in the forseeable future for a 1lb bag of Oxtails and will be sticking to our 2.5lb. bag which has a resealable gusset. Thanks for taking the time to review. Ken @ TruBeef

      Love this meat and company!

      Another quick update after eating most of my first order of Ribeyes, NYs, and hamburger. The meat is so delicious, tender, and quick to cook! Looking forward to my next order and new add-ons! Service and communication is outstanding too! I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Trubeef! Thank you Ken and family!

      It is our pleasure to have you as a new customer David. Wonderful to hear you are as happy with the service as you are with our product. Thanks very much for taking the time to review us David! Sincere Thanks , Ken @ TruBeef

      Red Meat Treat

      Stunning flavor profile with a sweetness that beef typically does not have. Incredibly tender and juicy. MUST TRY!!

      Thanks so much for ordering the Lamb Rack Ryan. Really glad you enjoyed it. Ken @ TruBeef

      Our Favorite!

      My family loves Trubeef. The steaks, burgers, and hot dogs are all delicious. Itโ€™s the only brand of hot dog my husband will eat.

      Thank You so much for your continued custom Kamryn. Glad hubby approves of our Hotdogs :) . Sincere Gratitude, Ken @ TruBeef

      Package not received

      Have not received my order as of yet. I certainly hope it is not thawed or damaged.

      Hi Joeseph, all delivered this morning on schedule.Thanks for your order. Just be sure to keep in mind our steaks cook in 20% less time to avoid overcooking. ENJOY!! Ken @ TruBeef

      Repeat Customer

      The NY Strips were fresh and flavorful. The steaks arrived in a timely manner and were packed well and still frozen. We will continue to buy from TruBeef!

      Great to hear you enjoyed the NY Strips Lorin! Thanks so much for your custom. Ken @ TruBeef

      A blessing

      All I can say is iโ€™m so grateful and thankful ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

      Thank you for taking the time to review Antonyho. I am delighted you are happy with our service.We sincerely appreciate your custom. Ken @ TruBeef

      My wife loves these!!!

      She cooks them every way. Nothing can be said but perfect.......... Every bite!!!

      This is great to hear Matt.....thanks for the kind review! Ken @ TruBeef

      The best ground beef you will ever have!!

      I love the way this ground beef cooks up. Perfect every time. We cook and make so many different dishes with it. Please keep it coming.

      We will be happy to keep it coming Matt! Thank you for your custom at TruBeef. Ken

      Nothing but the best

      The steaks are always perfect color and taste. My family doesn't even want to go out to dinner anymore.

      It is a huge privilege for us to be part of your family meals Matt. Thank You! Ken @ TruBeef

      Nothing but the best

      The beef is amazing. The customer support is the best I think I have ever received. My monthly order is always perfect. My family loves these steaks!!!

      Our sincere thanks for a very gracious review Matt. It is our pleasure to supply you and your family. Delighted you have enjoyed the beef. Ken @ TruBeef

      Amazing Beef and Service

      Received our Beef, just awesome!
      The customer service and their responsiveness was just as Good!
      Looking forward to our next shipment of beef and lamb!

      Our sincere thanks for taking the time to send in a review Tom. Delighted to hear our customer service has made the grade. Means alot Sir! Ken @ TruBeef

      Super delicious

      So happy you enjoyed the steak Lydia!!! Thanks for your order. Ken @ TruBeef

      Real and Tasty

      Super Market meats & chicken do not have any taste or flavor no matter of the cost & quality. It is extremely frustrating nowadays to buy superb quality grass fed beef. Well, now you can from Tru-Beef Organic. The taste of the meat is unbelievable and quite frankly phenomenal.

      Dear Ziad, Thank you for such high praise, we really do appreciate it. Happy you decided to give us a try and even happier you have been satisfied by our product quality. Glad you enjoyed the Top Sirloins Ziad. Ken @ TruBeef

      First Order

      I placed my first order and I couldn't be happier. Trubeef has excellent and timely customer service! The beef arrived on time and completely frozen. I had my first Ribeyes and NY Strip and they were delicious. Really tender and flavorful. They were easy to cook and at 10oz are just the right size for me. Karina and Ken are quick to respond to any questions I had. The meat is very competitively priced and I appreciate all the effort the company does to offer high quality grass fed/finished beef, while being environmentally responsible and ethical. I had other choices, but I believe I made the best choice with Trubeef. Happy to join the family!

      Hi David, sincere thanks for taking the time to send in a review. I am delighted everything has been to your liking so far including our service. It is our pleasure and privilige to earn your custom and your trust. Thanks! Ken @ TruBeef

      New concept

      I ordered this but thought Iโ€™d get something that looked like actual bacon; already sliced and cured. This was my first time ordering meat online, and I thought they had messed up my order. When I talked to Ken, he was very nice and handled my ignorance well. He said the meat was worth slicing to look like bacon but also said lots of people just cook it whole. So, I tried slicing it. Found I sliced it best in my cuisinart. Looked like bacon, sort of, but oh so delicious!!! So much marblized meat!! Now I eat it every morning with my eggs, and donโ€™t miss the whole processing of bacon. It cooks so fast that I cook the eggs and meat in one pan, and they are done at the same time.

      Dear Jacqueline, I am delighted you enjoyed the Beef Belly - it is very tasty. It sounds like this cut has really hit the spot for you and I am so glad. It was a pleasure (and a blast) speaking to you on the phone last week. Thank you for your custom and thanks very much for taking the time to write a review. To Your Good Health Jacqueline! Ken @ TruBeef


      I love these patties. Highly recommended.

      So glad you enjoyed our Burger Patties Krystyna!! We worked hard to get these just right in terms of lean to fat ratio and also a nice beefy burger taste. Sincere Thanks, Ken @ TruBeef

      Love organ grass fed meats

      Very happy with purchase.

      Thank you for taking the time to send in a review Krystyna. I am glad everything has been to your satisfaction. Cheers, Ken @ TruBeef

      Excellent heart

      Love good quality meats. Very happy with purchase.

      Thank You so much for ordering with us Krystyna! Thanks for the kind review. Ken @ TruBeef

      Best Beef liver

      Love it to eat especially grass fed for nutritional value. It has good balance omega 6 to omega 3.

      So glad you like the Liver Krystyna! Full of nutrients indeed. We appreciate your custom. Ken @ TruBeef

      Take Me Out To The Ball Game

      How delightful to find dogs that have minimal sugar and spices and that actually taste like meat. I'm mostly carnivore and I don't do with with spices (it's the oxalates) so hot dogs were off the table for me until I found these! I like them steamed so they are hot and steamy like hot dogs from the ball park! I eat them sliced on a plate but one day I'll indulge in a gluten free hotdog bun to recreate those take me out to the ball game hot dog memories! Thank you Ken for giving the exact amounts of the sugar/spices in the dogs - your customer service shines.

      Hi Gail, it is our pleasure and privilige to serve you as a customer. I recall before you ordered the care you took in needing full transparancy on all ngredients and we were only too happy to provide. I am really delighted to hear our Organic Beef Hotdogs not only meet your dietry requirements but also pass the taste test also. Sincere thanks for taking the time to review our Hotdogs! Ken @ TruBeef

      Excellent Company

      Foremost, I appreciate doing business with this company. Excellent customer service, beyond what I have experienced in a long time. The owner, Ken is exceptional and cares. One of my items wasn't available for shipment and he replaced it with the bone broth meat for free! He didn't need to do that, but it was extremely generous and kind of him. The meat bones were excellent. The ribs were delicious. My first package I fried them like bacon with a sweet and sour sauce. The second package I put in my beef broth...Wow! tender. Looking forward to the lamb.

      Dear Maryann, really happy you enjoyed the Short Ribs and love your idea of pairing sweet and sour sauce! More than this, I am happy to learn you are satisfied with our customer service. Thank you for your custom and also for taking the time to write a review. Sincere Thanks, Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ground Beef
      ADAM STEVENSON (Saint Paul, MN)
      Top Grade Customer Service

      In my last order FedEx had delayed it due to a heat warning. This was out of Tru Beers control yet they still compensated me with a coupon and extra beef for the trouble. Just one example of the customer care they have given me. A+++

      Thanks for taking the tme to send a review Adam. Really happy to hear you are satisfied with our service. Thank you for ordering with us. Ken @ TruBeef