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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      Based on 241 reviews
      The Best Beef Kidney!

      I cooked this medium rare and it’s delicious.
      I keep ordering because it’s grass fed and it’s grass finished. I trust TruBeef! Read their blog too. Plus great customer service and fast shipping!
      I spend my money here!

      HI Monmon, really happy you had a positive eating experience of our Organic Grass-Fed Kidney and found our customer service positive also! Really appreciate you taking the time to review and thank you for your custom Monmon. Ken @ TruBeef



      Hi Luiz! Happy to hear you enjoyed the Oxtails!! Thanks so much for taking the time to review. Cheers, Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Oxtail
      Sharron Voorhees (Sun Valley, CA)
      Good product

      Good product Although a little on the pricey side for bones. But not out of line with the market. Produced very good broth. I’ve lost 10 pounds on it in the last few weeks.

      Hi Sharron, thanks so much for the 5 Star Review!!! After talking to you on the phone when we planned out your order , I am so happy to learn you are down 10 lbs ALREADY! Glad our Organic Grass-Fed Beef Oxtail has given you the daily nutrients and energy! Cheers Sharron , Ken @ TruBeef

      Best beef ever!

      I absolutely love this ground beef bar none! I make burgers , tacos, one meal dishes and the flavour is unbelievable! Way better than any other ground beef I’ve tasted. The customer service is the best ever! I couldn’t order one time and I sent a message to Karina She was wonderful she hade my order in a matter of minutes and sent me a reply that it was all done! ❤️TYSM! This company knows what exceptional customer service is, and it shows how much passion and commitment they have for their work and people. I HIGHLY recommend this company! ❤️

      Thank you Angi for such positive feedback. When our customers are happy , we are happy, so to read your review means alot to us and our mission to be customer focused and quality focused. I am thrilled you have enjoyed the Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef so much. Thanks so much for your custom Angi. Our Thanks! Ken @ TruBeef

      This is the most amazing TASTING MEAT EVER! ❤️
      The service has been exceptional . I received my products that were perfectly packed with an extra ice pack as I live in Phoenix where weather is way over 100 degrees. Ken and Karina are amazing people and a joy to communicate with , always friendly and responsive! Highly recommend this company they do things right period.❤️

      Hi Angi, thank you so very much for taking the time to review your experience with TruBeef. Your business means alot to us and we are delighted to have you as a customer. We will continue to offer same level of high quality beef and service you have experienced so far. We can promise you this. Our sincere thanks Angi. Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ground Beef
      Tiyhannah Shuntich (Kissimmee, FL)
      Flavor and texture are perfect!

      The ground beef is amazing! We made some burgers the other day and I was thinking wow, these taste much better than usual, what did I do differently…the answer was use the ground beef from TruBeef!! Spaghetti was also outstanding! I have found some organic ground beefs to be more mushy and rubbery and not crumble into pieces as nicely when cooking and not be as rubbery, not to mention the flavor. Just excellent! As we are on keto, we love the extra fat, and it is so encouraging to know this meat is high quality and comes from a quality process! Beyond that TruBeef is truly an amazing company. Their customer service is absolutely next level! It is a joy to order from them and their thorough process and quick and detailed replies reflect their commitment to quality in every aspect of their business. Highly highly recommend!!!!

      A big Thank You Tiyhannah for taking the time to give such wonderful feedback on our Organic Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef. We will never let you down on quality or service and are very grateful for your custom. Thanks for your business Tiyhannah. Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ribeye Steak
      Tiyhannah Shuntich (Kissimmee, FL)
      Quality Beef from an Amazing Conpany

      We have been going through a rough time with food, trying to work out some health issues, but every time we have these Ribeyes, we know we are in for a treat! We feel great (thank you quality meat! With no hidden preservatives or chemicals!!) and they are soul-warmingly tender and flavorful! Truly a light in our lives. My husband gets so excited every time it is TruBeef for dinner! Thanks TruBeef for your commitment to excellence! I wrote a review earlier, but these steaks mean so much to us, I had to write another one!

      Dear Tiyhannah, we are beyond grateful for your very kind review!! I cannot tell you how it feels to learn we are making a difference to the diet and wellbeing of you and your husband. We have goosbumps! Sincere Thanks Tiyhannah , Ken , Founder @ TruBeef.

      Best burgers ever

      Fresh and delicious! Highly recommend!

      Cheers Teddy! That is a high compliment on our Burger Patties. Glad you enjoyed these. Appreciate you taking the time to review! Sincere Thanks, Ken @ TruBeef

      Outstanding dogs

      Fresh and delicious! Highly recommend!

      Thank you so much for giving us such positive feedback on our new Hot dogs Teddy , Have a great summer and thanks for ordering Organic Grass-fed beef from us. Ken @ TruBeef

      never have i had a better T-bone

      These will be on re order for sure.

      Hi Tia, what a lovely compliment! Delighted you enjoyed our Organic Grass Fed T Bones!! We really appreciate your custom Tia. Sincere thanks, Ken @ TruBeef

      Best Hot Dogs ever!!!

      Love Trubeef products and these hot dogs were just as amazing as the other products. Great taste. Absolutely delicious.

      So happy to have delicious beef products that I can trust to be organic.

      Thank You so much Kamryn! So happy you like the new Hotdogs. We really apprecite you taking the time to send us your feedback. Cheers , Ken @ TruBeef

      Fast and Delicious

      Cooks in minutes and incredibly delicious. Think "bone-in beef bacon"!

      Thanks for the very generous review Ryan. We cross cut our Organic Grass-Fed Short Ribs for fast cooking and it sounds like these were cooked in a flash and gone in a flash too :). Cheers Ryan. Ken @ TruBeef

      Best Grass-fed Beef I have ever eaten

      Last night, I grilled the Filet Mignon I purchased from you and it was the best grass-fed beef I have ever eaten. Thankfully, we have 8 more from our order that I look forward to cooking!

      Very Happy

      When I was younger we would visit family in England every Summer.During our visit we would spend a few days on my uncles farm (he was also the towns butcher) and he would always cook us steak.I always said his steaks just tasted different and had so much flavor than anything I ever had. My first bite tonight brought me back to my Uncles farm!

      All arrived Perfectly

      so far all good
      Half Cow order was frozen solid on arrival, thats good
      Had a couple of t bones so far. Really Good
      Thank you.

      Really Impressed with this service

      We have used Butcher Box before but your Organic Beef is way superior in flavor. All the NY Strip steaks were super soft.

      Super Tasty Brisket

      Blown away by the tenderness and great flavor of the Organic Grassfed Brisket. We REALLY enjoyed this. Thank You!!

      Great Offal Box

      I practice Animal Based eating and this Offal Box had everything I wanted and moreThe fac that you do all your beef in Organic, Grass-Fed and Non GMO means a lot to me knowing I am eating such a natural product.

      Wonderful Hotdogs

      I ordered the hotdogs the day they went live on your site. Seriouslythe best hotdog I have ever tasted hands can taste the meat. Really good! Great job guys!

      Top Quality. Very Happy

      The Organic Oxtails were top quality.2 and half pounds was loads. Just great flavor, tender and great meat/collagen balance.

      Extremely Satisfied

      All cuts we ordered were outstanding - THANK YOU for supplying genuine organic grass fed beef. Our favorite was the Short Ribs. So freakin tasty and ready so quickly. Will order again for sure.

      Very enjoyable

      Just wanted to say your organic beef is second to none. Very impressed by the shipping, packaging and the overall quality/flavor.

      Great Quality

      Your beef always turns out absoloutely fantastic. Super high quality!!!

      Just great

      Your beef always turns out absoloutely fantastic. Super high quality!!!

      Pretty perfect

      Flavorful and juicy ground beef that made for perfection burgers. Can’t wait to make spaghetti with it!

      Hi Jaidyn, thanks very much for your kind review of our Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef - if our customers are happy then we are happy! We are priviliged you chose TruBeef and we are sure you will enjoy the rest of our order. Thanks again for the review Jaidyn! Ken , Founder @ TruBeef