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      TruBeef Verified Customer Reviews

      All our reviews are submitted by genuine customers with proof of purchase.
      Reviews are collected and verified for authenticity by, an independent 3rd party.

      Based on 1446 reviews
      There is nothing better

      The ribeyes are delicious, incredible by themselves, on tacos or salads. However you eat them, you won’t be disappointed.
      We’ve bought from Ken and Karina for almost two years now and have never been disappointed in the quality of meat or customer service. We place bulk orders fairly often and appreciate the quality of meat we’re feeding our family with none of the things added in that we want to avoid. We started out with buying the 1/4 a cow options but quickly realized the individual bulk steak options better suited our family and we haven’t looked back!

      Hi Madelyn, all we can say is THANK YOU for your patronage. Reading your review today gave us goosebumps and a feeling of tremendous gratitude. You and your husband have been amazingly loyal customers. Over the past 2 years, your orders pop into our production schedule with such frequency , we thought your were feeding a small army :) God Bless you both.

      I love this liver!

      I first tried this product earlier in the year and loved it. So this is my second order and I ordered 6 lbs. The second order is wonderful! I can only speak praises of the flavorful meat that your company creates.

      Sincere Thanks for your kind feedback on our organic grass-fed & fiished beef liver Cameo. Our has gained beef liver has gained quite the cult following amongst customers so delighted you have joined the legion :)


      It really is everything that all other positive reviews have said.

      Dear Ron - we are extremely grateful for your positive review and thank you for your support of our small family business!

      GREAT Company!

      I love the fact that when i first ordered and questioned the shipping fee, i immediately received an email from the owner who helped me make a better choice so I could get more out of my order. Now that's customer care!

      Because these beef bones are both organic and grass fed (good luck finding these at your local whole foods or wherever you shop locally for organics), they could withstand a good amount of time in the pressure cooker and made for an incredible bone broth.

      I've just placed my next order for steaks and am happy to have found such a high-quality and classy vendor for my meat purchases.

      Thank You so much for such a comprehensive review Jon! We really appreciate you taking the time to post your feedback and thank you for reordering!

      Full of flavor

      This is delicious. So much flavor it doesn’t even need salt.

      Thank You Ann!!

      I loved these meats so much that I have made a second order. Excellent quality and taste.


      My usual go to for grass fed liver was out of stock, so I came across your website on the web. So happy I found you. This liver is so tender and delicious. I order plenty so I can keep it in the freezer. I will definitely be ordering again.

      Thank You Teresa! We pride ourselves on having the cleanest, mildest and freshest organic grass-fed liver possible.

      Very tender meat

      Nice cuts and very clean meat

      Sincere thanks for the great feedback Eva!


      I made such a nice dinner with your ground lamb. Excellent and so nice that I know it is safe for me to enjoy.
      Will order more, for sure!

      WONDERFUL news June! We look forward to you ordering our organic grass-fed lamb again!


      The best nutrition and taste I’ve ever tested and used

      Dear Dr Kim, knowing you actually test our beef, bones and fats adds so much more validation and credibility to our clean, regenerative organic farming methods. Thanks Dr Kim!!

      Great Beef!

      No toxins, drugs, and only grass-fed - perfection! These are absolutely fantastic in a crockpot!

      Our sincere thanks for your great review Brandon! Yes.....the Chuck Roast is just so easy and tasty in a crockpot slow n' low.


      It is a blessing having this beef company here in San Diego.
      The beef and the packing are first-class.

      It is us who are blessed to have a first class customer like you Maria!!

      Excellent Quality

      This beef looks and tastes like it was raised healthily. I rarely feel like I can trust the companies that produce the foods we eat here in the US but I trust your company now. Thank you for your commitment to producing healthy food in a country where it’s so hard to do.

      THANK You for your trust in what we do and how we do it Savannah. As you know, everything we do is backed up by independent 3rd party inspections and certifications to ensure our customers can eat in complete confidence they are getting exactly what they are paying for i.e. Animal Welfare Certifed, Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Beef & Lamb. You are right......there are ALOT of pretenders out there with slick marketing but produce livestock on an industrail scale with the lowest standards possible. Thank you for recognizing the difference Savannah!

      Great for making Shapard's pie. Great for burgers as well.

      Shepard's are speaking our language Isaiah :)

      Perfectly portioned cuts, making a delicious start to a many variety of meals.

      Great News Isaiah! We are extremely grateful to receive your orders. God Bless.

      Great quality!!

      Such a choice cut and such great quality and super tenderly flavorful!

      We are delighted you enjoyed our organic grass-fed and finished Filet Mignon Jennifer. Thanks for taking the time to review!

      TruBeef Organic is THE BEST!

      Quality beef. Great customer service. Fast shipping. You won't be disappointed!

      Thank you for your generous feedback of our product and service Kenneth!

      Organic Grass Fed Ox Tail & Bone Broth Bones

      I've made bone broth for my dog before, but this was the first time using TruBeef Organics' Ox Tail and Beef Broth Bones.
      The broth turned out great. It had a rich brown color and it gelled up perfectly, The owners of the company were so helpful and very friendly. I'm so glad I found this company. Thank you for your great products and for standing up for the humane treatment of animals.

      Hi Michele, we are always happy to help you in any way we can. We are blessed you found us and decided to give us a try. The highest animal welfare standards are front and center of everything we do.

      very good

      Trying organic grass fed beef. These are tender. I like the organ meets like ox tail which you can't typically find.

      Glad you enjoyed Scott and we hope you order again soon.

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ribeye Steak | 10 oz.
      Shawn T, Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara, CA)
      Hooray for Small , Family - owned farms and humanely rasied animals

      Making a conscientious choice to eat humanely raised, and slaughtered animal feels so much better, and paying the extra price for that is what we have to do to decrease our footprint. I followed instructions, cooking the rack of lamb, ribeye steak and filet a little less than normal and all came out perfect! Can definitely taste the difference. Packaging was great, all was still frozen when it arrived. TruBeef meets their mission statement, in my experience- now if they would only raise chickens as well, I'd be even happier!!

      What a gracious review. Thank you so much Shawn! Without customers like you , we would not exist so it is our great privilege to serve you and do the best possible job we can. God Bless Shawn!

      Exceeded Expectations!

      I recently placed my first order with TrueBeef. Living in Florida I was concerned about how the shipment was going to go ... as well as whether it was going to be worth it or not. To my surprise the shipment arrived on time exactly when they said it would and it was packaged exceptionally well with everything still remaining frozen. The liver is the best I've ever had, and the Ancestral Blend is a great way to get your organ meats in if your not accustomed to eating them, which my wife was reluctant to try and she absolutely loved it. Overall great experience and I will definitely be ordering more from here out. Keep up the good work TrueBeef crew 👏

      Our sincere thanks for giving us a try Rob. We have never advertised so it is always a gift to welcome a new and satisfied customer.

      Quality is the king !

      Great packaging, meat is a good quality, had a great customer experience .

      Just great reading this Azizjon!! Thank you so much and we hope you order again soon.

      Amazing flavor and taste

      It tastes the way a burger should. I like liver but was unsure of kidney. Neither is overpowering in this blend. Just tastes like good meat.

      So happy you enjoyed our Ancestral Blend sAngel. Meat the way meat should taste :)

      Love it

      I cook this with the beef or lamb(that I’m eating for dinner) and give it to my dogs as a treat, since they always want some of my food. Fat is good for their coats. I eat a few bites too.

      Thank You so much for posting your review Lauren!!

      The Best I had

      I followed one of the simple recipes online with the slow cooker, and it came out absolutely great. I will be purchasing this again and again.

      Great News Shouka! Our Organic Grass-Fed/Finished Beef Cheeks are the most decadent and tasty cuts we do period. It is an incredible cut of beef so we delighted you had a recipe on hand to cook the Cheeks to perfection.