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      TruBeef Customer Reviews

      Based on 347 reviews

      I had been stalking the butcher to corner "pretty good" marrow bones. TruBeef organic has the largest and cleanest bones so far.
      Quality All The Way!

      Great to learn our Bones hit the spot for you Tracey! Thanks for your custom. Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef


      Amazing taste!

      Glad to hear you approve of the Rib Chops Sue. Many Thanks for the review. Ken @ TruBeef

      My absolute favorite!

      Lamb is a holiday tradition in our family. This year TruBeef gave us a real treat with an amazing tasting rack of lamb. It was absolute perfection. The favor was clean, fresh and matched well with our Moroccan spice choices. The added bonus is that we know this meat is true organic. Thank you TRUBEEF family for the responsible and delicious choices of beef and lamb.

      Dear Kamryn, your wonderful review of our Lamb Rack means the world to us!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write in and we are delighted our lovely lamb made its way to your family table for the holidays. What an honor! With sincere gratitude....Ken @ TruBeef

      Ribeye steak plus exceptional customer help

      We recently had one of the ribeye steaks, and it was very tender and flavorful. I also want to comment on the exceptional customer health I received when I placed my order. After placing the order, I realized I was not going to get it until I left for vacation. Ken helped me set a delivery time so that I would not get it until I came back from my vacation. That was much appreciated!

      Hi Donna, hope you had a lovely vacation. More than happy to facilitate and get your order to you upon your return. Delighted you enjoyed the Ribeye Steaks! Thanks for your custom. Regards, Ken @ TruBeef Organic

      Above and beyond…

      My TruBeef order was carefully managed and delivered on time just prior to the holidays and arrived in perfect condition still frozen solid. It was a sizable order so we have not been able to sample it all but the beef cheeks were delicious slow cooked in a port and red wine reduction - now looking forward to the rack of lamb and the free T-bone that came with the order - time to fire up the bbq!

      We were more than happy to keep an eye on your order to ensure it got there before the big day. Beef Cheeks in a Red Wine and Port redux.....could not have done it better myself...thats realy doing Beef Cheeks justice!! Thanks again for ordering from us. Regards, Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef


      Really enjoyed this - will be adding to our rotation here for sure. Highly recommend.

      Great to hear you enjoyed the Tenderloin John. Happy New Year to you and your family! Ken @ TruBeef

      Amazing Filets!

      We loved the tender and delicious filet mignons for our Christmas Eve family dinner! Better than we’ve had previously from other places…a much superior quality. They were grilled with just salt and pepper…we all enjoyed them! Thank you TruBeef!

      Hi Lisa, proud to learn that our Organic Grass-Fed Filet Mignon made it all the way to your Christmas Eve Dinner table! Am delighted you and your family enjoyed them. Perfect with just Salt and Pepper!!! All the best, Ken @ TruBeef Organic

      By far the best lamb I’ve tried!

      Being Greek lamb is a staple in our cuisine. I was saving to try the lamb rack from Trubeeforganic for Christmas dinner. It is superb, best quality I came across in the U.S. I prepared it with Redmond salt, black pepper, whole grain Dijon mustard and some bone broth over brown butter cheesy cauliflower mash. The lamb came out moist, tender, juicy, full of flavor and the aroma was out of this world. I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it.

      Thank You Athina for an incredibly gracious review of our Lamb Rack! We are really proud of our Dorper Lamb, how they are raised and glad you could pick this up in the flavor and texture. Many Thanks for taking the time to review and proud our Lamb Rack made it to your Christmas Dinner menu. Ken @ TruBeef

      T bone steaks

      Hello! I've not tried the but they look great! Arrived in record time and packaged very well. Can't wait to try them.

      thanks Ken

      HI Julia, enjoy the T-Bone!! We added extra shifts to ensure all holiday orders went out as quick as possible. Glad you received everything quickly. Thanks for your review. Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Lamb Rack
      matt watford (Brooksville, FL)
      Nothing but the BEST!!

      Just another great addition to the TruBeef line up. The Lamb was a perfect addition to our meat selection. The Lamb cooked and tasted amazingly so tender and juicy.
      10 out of 10 for us!!!!

      Hi Matt, a 10 out of 10 from a true meat connoisseur like yourself, I am genuinely delighted to learn the Lamb was a hit for you and your wife! Thanks for taking the time to review and we sincerely appreciate your custom. Best , Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Lamb Rack
      Randy Sumbles (Little Rock, AR)

      Domestic lamb can be really gamey. These were not. The flavor was wonderful. Super clean. Marinated with fresh rosemary, lemon zest, garlic, olive oil, and a tablespoon of dijon mustard. Then grilled on my hasty bake grill using a reverse sear method. Reverse sear is great for rack of lamb. Brought up to 105 degrees then seared over direct coals to 130. I cook racks a lot a and these were the best I have had. Price was not much different than Whole Foods but a much better product.

      Hi Randy, thanks for such a detailed review of our Lamb Rack. The secret is in the diet ( all grass/all organic) and the breed ( Dorper) which dont make wool therefore dont contain lanolin which makes domestic lamb VERY gamey. Delighted you noticed the difference here and love your cooking method also! SIncere thanks Randy. Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef


      Thanks Ana, we will take a 10/10 score any day. Glad you enjoyed the Lamb! Ken @ TruBeef


      Your positive feedback gives us great pride in our work Ana. Very best wishes, Ken @ TruBeef


      Thanks for your high marks for our Lamb Chops Ana - really appreciate your kind feedback. Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef

      TOP Quality!!!

      Thanks Ana! Tongue is a great cut and so easy to make. Ken@TruBeef

      I trust this company

      GREAT product. Shipments was fast. Arrived deep frozen. Good quality.

      Sincere thanks for placing your trust in us Shoko. We can assure you of the very same high standards every time. We highly value your custom. Regards, Ken Power, TruBeef Founder

      Great product

      I made the best bone broth. Best customer service. Arrived deep frozen. I'm very happy with this company. Thank you. I will order more.

      Thanks for taking the time to review Shoko. Our Knuckle Bones are a great addition to a homemade broth. Delighted you discovered this and enjoyed it. Ken, Founder of TruBeef

      Love this suet!

      I am very pleased with the suet I ordered from you guys! Thank you for providing a good tasting clean fuel source for those of us who are living a ketogenic lifestyle.

      Hi Paula, the pleasure is all ours. We appreciate your custom with us. Our Organic Grass-Fed Suet is indeed 'Keto Rocket Fuel'. Enjoy!! Ken, Founder of TruBeef Organic

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Suet
      Malgorzata Ptasznik (Denver, CO)
      Great suet

      High quality and very tasty. Will order again.

      Hi Malgorzata, your positive feedback is wonderful to see. Thanks for taking the time to review us. We look forward to serving you soon! Ken, Founder of TruBeef Organic

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ribeye Steak
      Sheldon Hendrix (Corpus Christi, TX)
      Value is Worth the Product

      Excellent grass-fed ribeyes at a great value. The owner provided me with specific tips to ensure I did not overcook, which I appreciated tremendously.

      It is also worth supporting the cause of this great company. Will be a returning customer for sure.

      Hi Sheldon, I am super happy to learn you enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed Ribeyes and glad the cooking tips helped too:). We look forward to you ordering again Sheldon. Thanks for taking the time to send in a review. Kind Regards, Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef

      Tru Beef Grass Fed steaks

      This grass fed beef is simply AMAZING. Delicious tasting and ethically raised meat. It doesn't get better than this. The steak was so tender and packed with great flavor. I typically by fresh high quality meat at a premium retailer, but this frozen tru beef steaks were much better I was amazed at the quality of their product. I highly recommend this product and know that it is so much better for me than what I have been purchasing.

      Hi Randy, am tickled pink reading your very kind review SIr! We love any and all feedback on how we are performing and how our cuts stack up to what customers have bought elsewhere. I can promise you continued high standards without exception. Many thanks for your custom Randy. Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef Organic.

      I was floored!!!!

      I've eaten grass-fed, grass-finished beef before, but NOTHING even close to the quality and freshness that TruBeef Organic delivered to my front door. Even the seasoning blend that I've used for years on steaks tasted differently! Thank you all for everything you do in the interest of better health and wellness. I am a customer for life and look forward to trying your lamb next, yum.

      Now if only you could offer pork and chicken, I'd be set! Lol. Happy Holidays to your staff and family.

      What a lovely and generous review - thank you so very much. Really does make the hard work all worthwhile. Great that you could tell the huge difference in terms of taste and texture. I can assure you the very same high standards every single time. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to review. I hear you on the Pork and Chicken too :) Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef.

      Fresh, delicious and well packaged

      A great way to get high quality cuts that are hard to find. Came packed in lots of dry ice and high quality insulation, frozen totally solid. Excellent quality so far!

      Thank you so much for your very gracious review and taking the time to do so. Great to hear you have been happwith all to date. Sincere Regards, Ken Power, Founder of TruBeef

      Excellent products and customer service

      I have been a customer of this company for a few months and their products are well packaged and excellent. I am the only person in my family that likes beef tongue, and they have been very flexible when I ask to not receive one in my subscription. They are dedicated to the customer and to ethical farming, a complete win-win. Worth every penny.

      Hi Eric, without great customers like yourself and your family we woud not even be in business so our sincere gratitude goes to you guys for choosing TruBeef. Thank you so much for your kind words Eric, really means alot. Best, Ken @ TruBeef

      great variety

      My fiancé has been really interested in the carnivore diet as of late - the carnivore diet in stresses the importance of eating organ meat. He has also expressed an interest in sustainable farming. I was thrilled to find a meat box that combined his two interests. It made a wonderful anniversary present for him. The customer service was great and the quality of the meat is very good. It is worth the money.

      Hi Heather, wonderful to hear the box went down well with your fiancé ! A unique and original gift idea :). Many Thanks for ordering with TruBeef, we really appreciate your custom. Kind Regards, Ken Power @ TruBeef.