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      TruBeef Verified Customer Reviews

      All our reviews are submitted by genuine customers with proof of purchase.
      Reviews are collected and verified for authenticity by, an independent 3rd party.

      Based on 1621 reviews
      Fantastic Lamb

      Excellent quality, packaging, online ordering and speedy delivery. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

      Thank You

      Very kind of you to say Ellicia! Thank You and God Bless.

      The way you order beef!

      I received my half a cow and could be more pleased! Well packaged and shipped, and order ship dates well communicated. I knew when my packages shipped and when they would arrive. No stress, no fuss, just peace of mind.
      Each cut of meat was very well packaged, clean, sealed, very well frozen. Honestly, I couldn't be happier, and I'm recommending you to everyone I know.
      Looking forward to my future orders!
      Thank you TruBeef Organic, you're amazing!

      Thank YOU for giving us the oppertunity Gregory! We really appreciate you taking time from your busy day to write such a comprehensive review of our product and service. God Bless.

      A box of goodness!

      The best way to describe this box is one of goodness! Organ meats to fit any occasion and meal, full of flavor and nutrition. The Ancestral Blend mix is simply amazing! I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed! I'll be sure to order this with my next order of 1/2 a cow.
      Thank you TruBeef Organic!

      Sincere thanks for such positive feedback Gregory. We are very grateful for your trust and support!

      taste the difference

      Juicy meat and very easy to cook. Never buying meat at the supermarket again!

      Thank You and well said Walter!!

      Ancestral Blend Organ Mix

      I have never tried a mix pack of organic ground beef + beef liver & kidney. Surprisingly, it tasted really tender, fresh and juicy (not dry at all).

      Thank you for this great quality food. I would definitely order it again. Strongly recommended 💯

      A happy first-time customer 😍

      Really happy to learn the Ancestral Blend was a hit for you Rosita. We look forward to you ordering again soon.

      Beef Bones Broth

      I added a little salt and chopped onions when simmering the bones for a couple of hours. The beef-flavored broth tasted very delicious 😋

      Happy Broth Making Rosita! Thank you for your business.

      Makes tasty broth

      I'm glad I found TruBeef products. My first batch of bone broth turned out beautifully -- rich and thick (I oven-browned the bones first, per instructions sent in the package). I'm also grateful for the beef attached to the bones, which turned into tender morsels of meat to use in soup or stir-fry.

      Thanks very much for your Broth Bones review Jessica. Happy Broth Making!!! :)

      Great flavor

      These ribeye's thaw nicely and cook up great in a cast iron pan with about 2tbsp of butter and some garlic, salt, and pepper! Trying the animal-based diet and I eat about one of these a day...very delicious! Love that it's grassfed and finished!
      I also love that it's not a subscription and that I can order weekly!!! Thank you!

      Thank you for posting your comprehensive review of our Ribeye Steaks Lynda. Exactly - no subscriptions here at TruBeef Organic. You can order what you want, when you want it :). God Bless.

      Great way to get organs!

      I love that I can get organ meat ground up in this mix. I want to eat organ meats, but can't stomach the flavor, I've tried many times just can't do it. This was perfect! There is a slightly different flavor vs regular ground beef if you try to notice it, other than that you really can't, I've given this to my kids, and they couldn't tell the difference. Very satisfied with this product!

      Wonderful to read this !! We formulated our Organic Grass-Fed / Finished Ancestral Blend for families just like yours Lynda so we are delighted to learn this has been a hit for you and the kid!


      I have eaten plenty of lamb and I must say, as far as ground lamb, this is definitely the best I've ever had. I will be purchasing this every time I place an order!
      Thank you for this!

      Thank You for your kind feedback Lynda!


      Another winner by Truebeef, well packed as usual, when they arrive it’s impressive to see how meticulously everything is packaged.
      The quality and taste is well worth the money, you will not be disappointed.

      Thank You my friend for taking the time to post your kind and gracious review!

      I have to admit, I was on the fence about the organ meat being mixed in but I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted just like ground beef. I will definitely buy again.

      So happy to learn you enjoyed the Ancestral Blend so much. We do hope you order with us again soon :)

      Lamb Loin Chops....yum!!

      Loved these, cooked easily in a pan with a little ghee. Tasted great, husband requested I order more and 2 year old actually ate, a lot, yeah! Normally Lamb is too gamey for them, but this was perfect!!

      Delighted to learn both you, your husband and young 2 year old enjoyed the Lamb Loin Chops so much Randi! Really appreciate your business and for taking the time from your busy day to write your feedback.

      Homemade Bone Broth

      I bought a combination of Knuckle and Patella bones, Oxtail, Marrow bones and, Beef Broth Bones, to make bone broth for my dog. This is my second time buying bones from Tru Beef and once again the broth came out perfect! I love what this company stands for and will be buying all these bones again.

      Wonderful news Michele and thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.

      First class

      I have bought different types of meat from truebeef and have never been disappointed. Ken is so professional and polite.

      Sincere thanks for your great review MC. We are very grateful for your continued support.



      Wow - thank you so much for your very gracious feedback Doru!

      Very tasty and tender.

      This lamb is very good I highly recommend it

      Thank You very much WC!

      The unaged lean ground beef is delicious. I will definitely keep buying!


      They are yummy and perfect for quick satisfying meal

      Thank You as always Dr Kim!

      Patties par excellence

      These burgers are outstanding! I've been on an extremely limited diet for health reasons: the only 2 ingredients I can consume are grass-fed grass-finished ruminant meat and salts. Literally just the meat and salts. I thought it would be impossible to stick to such a diet. These burgers make it easy! I'm really really picky about my meat - I can't afford to get sick of it. These burgers are so tasty, I never get sick of them! I've stopped cooking any other burgers.

      Sincere thanks Aparna! It is a privilege and honor for us to learn that our organic grass-fed & finished burgers are supporting you during your elimination diet. To Your Good Health.



      Thank you for your very gracious feedback David. We look forward to you ordering with us again soon.


      I'm super happy with the high quality, great tasting hamburger! Plus, all the other meat I've purchased has all been delicious.
      I also want to boast about how well you take care of your customers. I received the wrong product one time (just one product out of all I purchased) and you made it right immediately -
      I appreciate all that you do, thank you!!!

      Thank YOU for being a wonderful customer Kathleen and God Bless.

      Hamburger Patties

      I am so excited to have such yummy low-histamine beef to eat. I enjoy the patties, they are so easy to stick on the grill or fry up in a pan. I usually make them all and freeze leftovers, then stick them in my mini hot logic for lunch at work or home. I haven't had any of their beef that wasn't delicious!
      My only wish: that the paper between was bigger so I could get them apart while still frozen. BUT, still great!

      Thank you so much for your support of our small family business Kathleen! Your seal of approval of our organic, grass-fed , low histamine burger patties means alot to us. To Your Good Health Kathleen.