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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      100% TRUST in this company

      With so many misleading labels, certifications and false advertising, it is profound to me that this company is able to show proof of 100% grassfed and grassfinished beef products. Many other companies run for the hills when you request proof. That should be a big red flag to the consumer. You want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.
      I am continually impressed with TruBeefs deliveries, quality and tenderness of their beef. High quality and responsibly sourced They care about the environment and your health.
      I will never buy my beef any where else. Thank you TRUBEEF and KUDOS to you!! I may be your biggest fan.
      ~ @InspiringKetoByShari

      Thanks for taking the time to give such positive and heartfelt feedback Shari. This makes it all worthwhile for us all at TruBeef. We will continue to operate with total transparancy so you can buy with total confidence. To your good health Shari! Ken - TruBeef

      Very tasty steaks

      We have been eating the steaks and ground beef from truorganicbeef for sometime now and I can attest to their superb taste!
      The meat actually smells good even raw.
      A very clean and lean filet mignon exactly as we like it.

      Hi Paris, Thank You so much for taking the time to send in such a flattering review of our Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef and Filet Mignon. I can promise you our standards will always remain high so you can continue to enjoy. To your good health Paris. Ken- Founder of TruBeef

      Ground beef

      I love it! I was buying 90/10 before I discovered Tru Beef but the 85/15 % is much tastier.

      Really glad you liked it Richard! We went with 85/15 as Fat = Flavor so thanks a bunch for the positive feedback here. Hope you enjoy the Top Sirloins and Flanks in your order also TruBeef Tip: be sure to slice the Flank across the grain. Many thanks for taking the time to review Richard. Thanks , Ken @ TruBeef

      Excellent beef

      Just the right amount of lean/fat percentage that we use in many different recipes. Makes great burgers, tacos and works well in skillet recipes with pasta.

      Hi James, so glad you are also enjoying the Organic Ground Beef also! Sounds like you make a vast array of dishes and putting it all to great use! Many Thanks - Ken , Founder of TruBeef

      So delicious!

      So delicious and high quality!

      Thanks very much for your review Christina! We are so happy you have enjoyed your TruBeef order! Sincere Thanks, Ken @ TruBeef