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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Delicious burgers and steak bites

      The burgers were a nice step up from anything I've bought at the grocery store, and the steak bites were also delicious. Easy to cook and high quality. Also great, friendly customer service when I had questions. I'm ordering even more next time!

      Hi Daniel, thanks for chatting to us last week. If you ever have any questions, you know where to find us! Sncere thanks for your gracious review and happy you like our Organic Grass-Fed Burgers and Steak Bites!! To your good health Daniel. Ken @ TruBeef

      High Quality Packaging

      Thank You! Knowledgeable Staff.

      So glad you enjoyed Monic!!! Thanks so much for ordering TruBeef. We sincerely appreciate it.

      Exceptionally Well Run Business

      Hamburger patties are very flavorful and tender. Also, they are lean, you do not see much fat. The bonus is they are healthy too. We can't wait to try the steaks.

      Hi Gregg, really Happy to hear you enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed Burger Patties . Thank you for your business, we really do appreciate it. Am very confident you will equally enjoy our steaks on your second order! To your good health Gregg , Ken - TruBeef

      Organic and Grass fed Beef Patties Delivered

      Perfectly portioned burger patties that are great for an elevated bbq since they are organic and grass-fed, which I always look for. Additionally, I like the fact TruBeef is eco-friendly and cares about humanely-raised conditions and organic farming. Definitely Try.

      Stephen, great news and super happy you liked the Burger Patties! I can promise you we are committed long term to upholding the animal welfare and organic standards customers like yourself hold dear. Sincere Thanks for the review. Ken @TruBeef


      We grilled the Burgers yesterday for my children’s lunch. I’m very happy to know that the Burgers have no fillers and no preservatives. Tastes clean, natural, and juicy. Means a lot to know they are organic, grass fed & finished, and non GMO. The Kids loved the Burgers.