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      Organic Grass-fed Beef Short Ribs Flanken Style non-gmo project verified usda organic carbon neutral animal welfare Certifications

      Regenerative Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Beef Short Ribs (Flanken Style).



      At TruBeef, we make things as easy as possible. We cross-cut our Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Short Ribs aka Flanken Style Short Ribs to save time cooking. Instead of waiting 4+ hours to slow cook the full short ribs, our cross-cut ribs can go straight onto the pan or grill with our without a marinade. So Simple and Delicious!

      These Short Ribs are a real treat. With so much tasty meat surrounding the rib bones, you'll be eating this tasty beefy cut caveman style to pick them clean.

      As a Premium online butcher, TruBeef gives you the best Grass-fed beef cuts every time! Order your Beef online now and taste the #TruBeef difference!

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      • Flash Frozen and Vacuum Packed for Freshness.
      • Proudly Raised and Harvested Australian Beef.
      • Certified USDA Organic Beef Short Ribs.
      • Hand-Cut by our expert Craft Butchers in Fresno, California.
      • 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished. 
      • Non-GMO Project Verified.
      • 100% Pasture-raised. 
      • 100% Natural Beef.
      • 6 Week Aged Beef.
      • Our farms are Carbon Negative.
      • Our business is Carbon Neutral.
      • Committed to Ethical, Sustainable, and Regenerative Farming.
      • Animal Welfare Certified.

      Beef Short Ribs are also known as: Flanken Style Ribs, Korean Ribs, Korean Style Ribs, Cross Cut Ribs, Short Plate Ribs.

      To ensure timely delivery of your order, we encourage all our customers to order before the cut-off time [cut-off time is Sunday evening at 11.59 pm Pacific Time]. 
      We ship Monday through Thursday.
      We compensate for the Carbon footprint of all orders.
      Shipping is Carbon Neutral.
      We ship to all lower 48 states.

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      TruBeef is an ethical online butcher, committed to sustainable and regenerative farming. We hope you'll enjoy all our products and online meat delivery service.

      We Cross-cut our Short Ribs to allow for quick and easy cooking

      *IMPORTANT: TruBeef is a highly natural beef product. Please factor into your cooking, all our delicate Grass-fed Organic beef takes approximately 20% less time to cook than any beef you have ever made before. Keep this in mind to ensure you avoid overcooking and drying out the steak.

      How to Cook TruBeef Short Ribs

      Pan. Organic Grass-fed Short Ribs are just perfect for fast frying on a hot cast iron skillet with Suet, Tallow, Butter, or Ghee. Just fry and enjoy. Just be mindful not to overcook to keep them juicy.

      Grill. Many customers pop our cross-cut Short Ribs on the grill for a quick and delicious outdoor BBQ. You can use a marinade of your choice [marinate in the fridge overnight] or cook directly.

      Air Fryer. Once thawed, add salt and healthy oil, into the air fryer for 10 to 11 minutes. Quick and tasty results.

      Slow Cook. You can still slow cook our Flanken Style Short Ribs as part of a stew.

      SERVING SIZE: 4oz (112g)

      • 200 Calories
      • 22g Protein
      • 12g Fat
      • 0g Carbohydrates

      SHORT RIBS INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef, Short Ribs.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Ryan Estep (Bozeman, MT)
      Fast and Delicious

      Cooks in minutes and incredibly delicious. Think "bone-in beef bacon"!

      Thanks for the very generous review Ryan. We cross cut our Organic Grass-Fed Short Ribs for fast cooking and it sounds like these were cooked in a flash and gone in a flash too :). Cheers Ryan. Ken @ TruBeef

      E. Baker
      Extremely Satisfied

      All cuts we ordered were outstanding - THANK YOU for supplying genuine organic grass fed beef. Our favorite was the Short Ribs. So freakin tasty and ready so quickly. Will order again for sure.

      Lori (Skippack, PA)
      Best ribs ever

      Unbelievably delicious, i baked them from frozen- forgot to thaw , with a sauce i found online 1/4 cup of soy sauce , orange juice and ketchup and honey - all 1/4 cup then 1 tsp garlic powder , that's for 12 ribs , i doubled it , made 4 lbs and baked at 300 for 2-3 hrs, I thought these were thick ribs but more like strips of meat but were so good i added chopped scallions and toasted sesame seeds and served with rice and bok choy, all organic ...... Ate them for three dinners with a friend . Will order again and again , and the packaging besides your products best i ever had and i order organic from many sites, but no longer..... first time trying flanken ribs, have t bone steaks to try also they look great as well.

      Dear Lori, first and foremost, thanks for your custom at TruBeef. Secondly, we are truly delighted to receive such a positive review and feedback of our Short Ribs. They are really tasty and you have done them justice here - LOVE the recipe you made btw - great flavors there. So happy you enjoyed Lori! Ken @ TruBeef

      Oscar Ortega
      Nice Short Ribs

      Have ordered several times now and the quality is extremely consistent. Short Ribs are a real treat and well priced for fully Organic.