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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews

      TruBeef was delicious, high-quality meat! Their ice packaging is the best packaging I've ever had. It is as cold as the arctic circle. I just wish they soon can ship here in HI. I needed to ship my order to my niece's house in AL, then she reshipped it to me when my order was delivered to her house. I wish more people will order to this shop. It's underrated honestly.

      Dear Anastasia, thank you so much for ordering with TruBeef and for your kind feedback. As soon as we have the means to get TruBeef to HI in as short a period of time as possible we promise we will and this way we can serve you directly. Delighted you enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed Beef. To your good health Anastasia! Ken, Founder of TruBeef

      Best meat we have had in a while

      I grilled the T-Bones and 2 Fillet Mignon yesterday with our simple recipe which is using coarse sea salt 2 days prior….. The flavor was amazing !!!! WOW…We are still talking about it.

      Best meat we have had in a while….

      Quite satisfying

      Really enjoyed this T-bone. My cooking method was simple, fast iron skillet, kosher salt, achieved medium to medium rare and the steak was glorious. I look for two qualities in a company shipping meat: quality cuts and quality packaging. TruBeef demonstrated both on my first shipment from them and I am quite satisfied with their product and in particular, seriously, who doesn’t love a good T-bone.

      Hi Abel, were are delighted you enjoyed the T-Bone......and so happy you found it ' Glorious' hahaha. We sincerely appreciate your review and Thank you for your custom Abel

      The BEST there is!

      Quality all around! If you’re looking for delicious quality steaks and beef, look no further. These steaks are amazing and so is this company! They truly go above and beyond for their customers. Thank you TruBeef!

      Thank You Terrie for your review. When a customer is happy , we are happy! Cheers....

      Extremely satisfied

      TruBeef has been an excellent and professional company do get my meats from. They go the extra mile!

      Thank you so much for such a positive review Michael. We always aim to please our customers and it is wonderful to receive feedback. To your good health Michael!