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      TruBeef Blog: Organic Grass-Fed Beef Recipes and Articles



      Learn everything Beef, Steak, Burger, Roast, Bone, and Offal related.
      Grasp the importance of food sustainability and regenerative farming.
      Get cooking tips, recipes, and time-saving hacks.
      News from our eco-friendly, carbon-neutral Australian beef farms and lots more.


      5 Tasty Lamb Leftover Sandwich Ideas

      In this article, we have 5 Leftover Lamb Sandwich Ideas / Recipes to help you craft a rustic Lamb Sandwich that will inspire, get your heart racing and your taste buds jumping! Lamb is a delicious and healthy ruminant meat with a perfect fat to protein ratio - ideal for leftover reheating or cold sandwiches.

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      You Can Refreeze Thawed Meat! Learn How

      A question we get asked alot is Can I Refreeze Thawed Meat? The answer is yes, but in specific circumstances. Today's article we demonstrate how to tell when it is safe to refreeze thawed meat and outline the best practices. We also look at safety guidelines from the USDA, FDA and the dangers of uncovered meat plus lots more.

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      Differences Between Lamb and Mutton [Are you being misled?]

      What is the Difference Between Lamb and Mutton?  A lot, and in many cases, you might be paying for Mutton thinking it's Lamb! Today we highlight the key areas in Age Difference, Taste, Color Difference, Price Difference, and Tenderness. We’ll teach you how to tell Lamb from Mutton just by looking.

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      Air Fryer Lamb Chops Recipe, Benefits and Tips.

      In today's article, we highlight our favorite Air Fryer Lamb Chops recipe and the ingredients you will need. We’ll show you why you should try lamb chops in your Air Fryer, the benefits of using an Air Fryer, Target temperatures, How to reheat chops in an Air Fryer, and how to avoid tough or dried out Lamb Chops.

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      8 Main Cuts of Lamb: A Buyers Guide

      In today's article, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to the eight main lamb cuts. We'll also indicate which lamb cuts are cheaper or more expensive, and what is the ideal cooking method for each lamb cut like pan-frying or slow cooking. We'll also reveal which is the Best Lamb Cut overall, based on taste, tenderness, and price.

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      Best 8 Marinades for Tender and Juicy Lamb

      Lamb marinades have been around for thousands of years. Out of all ruminant meats, it’s the unique sweet tender meat of grass-fed lamb that pairs so well with many unique marinades.In todays article, we will show you the Best 8 Marinades for Tender and Juicy Lamb (in our opinion 😊)

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