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      TruBeef Blog: Organic Grass-Fed Beef Recipes and Articles



      Learn everything Beef, Steak, Burger, Roast, Bone, and Offal related.
      Grasp the importance of food sustainability and regenerative farming.
      Get cooking tips, recipes, and time-saving hacks.
      News from our eco-friendly, carbon-neutral Australian beef farms and lots more.


      How to Store Meat Safely: A Complete Guide

      If you are a meat lover, it's important to know how to protect your health by storing meat safely and correctly. Today's comprehensive article, we show you how to safely store meat in your fridge and freezer. How to store leftovers. How long to store meat in the freezer. How to refreeze thawed meat. How to avoid food borne illness. Common pathogens and lots more.

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      Best 7 Sauces to Pair with Lamb Chops

      Lamb Chops are known to pair extremely well with various sauces and it’s a shame to miss out on the flavor fusion by not adding the right ingredients.This comprehensive article is where you can find out what the best 7 sauces to pair with your lamb chops. From traditional to the exotic, here are the sauces we think you should be whipping up to go with your lamb chops:

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      Organ Meats and Nose-to-Tail Eating [A Beginners Guide]

      Like a nice steak? But how about a plate of beef liver or a bowl of Oxtail stew, Tripe or Beef Kidney panfried in butter? In this beginners to organ meats we look at their nutritional benefits, how to prepare organ meats , organ supplments and why you should start to consider a nose-to-tail approach to you diet.

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      Carnivore Diet [Sustainable Diet or Just a Fad?]

      In this medically reviewed article, we look at the Carnivore Diet... ‘2.6 million-year-old fad’ where people are turning their back on the modern carbohydrate based diet in an attempt to balance their blood sugars and take their health back, by eating foods solely from the animal kingdom just like our ancestors.

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      Animal Welfare Certified Meat [What to Trust, What To Avoid]

      Animal Welfare means different things to different people.
      In this article, we take a birds-eye view of farm animal animal welfare standards and labeling of consumer-packaged meat in a few key areas: Why buying Animal Welfare Certified meat really matters. Animal Rights versus Animal Welfare. Misleading terms used to imply or mislead Animal Welfare to consumers. Definition of 'Humanely Raised'. The various Farm Animal Welfare Certification bodies.

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      Best Bones for Dogs [A Comprehensive Guide]

      Bones are an excellent source of nutrients and important minerals for dogs. They are palatable and regular consumption prevents plaque buildup that leads to paradentosis.

      As long as you are giving the right bones to the right-sized dogs in the right way there’s nothing to worry about.In this article we examine the following: Why do Dogs like to Chew Bones? Knuckle Bones for Dogs.Marrow Bones for Dogs.Which Bones are Dangerous for Dogs? Raw Bones versus Cooked Bones for Dogs.

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