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AMAZING quality!

We LOVE our box we receive. It is great quality and even better having it delivered right to the house.
My husband grills multiple times a week (which has cut my cooking down - standing 👏 applause) he thinks he is a great chef... it's just GOOD BEEF haha

Hey Jennifer, thanks very much for your positive feedback and happy we are now part of your hilarious family life too :) . Sincere Thanks for the review! Ken - Founder of TruBeef

Great Product

We love the product.

Handy Service.Healthy Meats

I ordered on a Saturday and received the box by Wednesday. Everything packed perfectly. Really enjoying the Grass-Fed New York Strips. Just the right portion size for me.

6 Stars if I could

First time to order and the Beef was everything the site said it would be. I can honestly say I have never had beef that looks, smells or tastes like it! It says a lot about what we have been eating. Genuinely impressed

Thanks very much for this review and kind feedback Mariane! Yes, it does indeed illustrate just what untainted and natural beef should look, smell and taste like. Cheers, Ken @ TruBeef

Tru Founders Box

The steaks and burgers we received in this box are top quality and delicious! Definitely the best meat we have been able to find. So happy they deliver- the packaging is great and the customer service top-notch!

Hi Daniel, really appreciate you taking the time to review. Delighted yourself and Jennifer enjoyed the Founders Box. Thanks for your feedback! Ken @ TruBeef

Steak bites

These were good but not quite what I expected. Because they are basically the pieces trimmed from the other meat there is quite a bit of fat on the steak bites so just be aware of this before you order.

Hi Daniel, thanks so much for the 5 Star Review on our Steak Bites. On Fat ,it depends which steaks we are butchering a the time eg If we are making NY Strip , the steak bites from this will have some fat cap. If we are butchering Top Sirloin , there will be almost no fat. We do try to mix and match as best we can to even it out. Thanks again for your custom Daniel and Jennifer. Ken @ TruBeef

Absolutely amazing

These sirloins are so tender and so delicious! Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

Hi Michael, Thanks very much for your kind review . Glad you like the Organic Grass-Fed Sirloins - they are a hidden gem and making them for breakfast is a wonderful idea! Ken @ TruBeef

Very tasty steaks

We have been eating the steaks and ground beef from truorganicbeef for sometime now and I can attest to their superb taste!
The meat actually smells good even raw.
A very clean and lean filet mignon exactly as we like it.

Hi Paris, Thank You so much for taking the time to send in such a flattering review of our Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef and Filet Mignon. I can promise you our standards will always remain high so you can continue to enjoy. To your good health Paris. Ken- Founder of TruBeef

Everything a Ribeye Should be

Not overly fattened, tremendous flavor, and very tender. Perfect for any steak lover

Hi Ryan, really appreciate your feedback and review here and delighted you continue to enjoy our Ribeyes! Sincere Thanks Ryan! Ken - Founder, TruBeef

Thumbs up!

My husband loves the dry aged ribeye steaks from a local steak house restaurant but they are not sustainably sourced . Since I’m environmentally conscious about everything I buy, I had him do a taste comparison with TruBeefs Grass-fed Ribeye Steaks. He gave TruBeef a thumbs up and from now on we will be supporting your company. We appreciate farms doing the right thing for our planet practicing natural, sustainable and regenerative farming methods. Way to go being carbon neutral also!!

Hi Cindy, Thanks for the resounding Thumbs up - really means alot to us! Our ethical and environmental standards aside, it is always heartening to know our Steak holds up to a comparison of a steakhouse! Really appreciate the review Cindy. Thanks for your custom. Ken, Founder of TruBeef

So Tender

These Filets really hit the spot. We were very pleasantl surprised by the high quality. Tenderness was remarkable. Highly recommend!

Thanks very much Tim - your feedback means alot to us here. Happy the Filets were a nice surprise for you. Enjoy!!! Ken @ TruBeef

Great Help - Thanks!

Thanks to all at TruBeef! This was my second order. Fed Ex messed up my delivery completely and the team at TruBeef helped me hugely to make sure Fed Ex did what they were supposed to do. This company cares about it's customers. Really positive experience.

Hi Judith, always happy to help in any way we can on any issue. To your good health! Ken @ TruBeef

Ground beef

I love it! I was buying 90/10 before I discovered Tru Beef but the 85/15 % is much tastier.

Really glad you liked it Richard! We went with 85/15 as Fat = Flavor so thanks a bunch for the positive feedback here. Hope you enjoy the Top Sirloins and Flanks in your order also TruBeef Tip: be sure to slice the Flank across the grain. Many thanks for taking the time to review Richard. Thanks , Ken @ TruBeef

Incredible and Tender

I have to say that I am REALLY LOVING my trubeef subscription! I made the ribeye the other night it was so incredible and tender I couldnt believe it.

I was a member of Butcher B*x for awhile and your beef is sooo much better. I didnt know there was such a difference but am happily surprised and glad I switched!

Thanks Shari! We are all blushing here from your very kind review of TruBeef.


Thanks again for an incredibly healthy and responsibly sourced meat!

Excellent beef

Just the right amount of lean/fat percentage that we use in many different recipes. Makes great burgers, tacos and works well in skillet recipes with pasta.

Hi James, so glad you are also enjoying the Organic Ground Beef also! Sounds like you make a vast array of dishes and putting it all to great use! Many Thanks - Ken , Founder of TruBeef


True in which it should be medium rare. I cooked it for the first time the other day and slightly overcooked it. Will try again. Delicious still.

Hi Richard, Ken here, Founder of TruBeef. Am delighted you enjoyed our Flank Steak - a GREAT cut for quick frying. Let us know how you get on with the other cuts. Cheers , Ken.

So good!

This bone marrow is melt in your mouth good! All it needs is salt :-) yum!

Hi Kelly-Ann, you are so right on the Marrow Bones....just a little salt and it's simply divine. As always, thanks for your continued custom of TruBeef. We really appreciate your bsuiness! Many Thanks , Ken @ TruBeef


Very clean taste from the steaks. The 2 free Ground Beef is a winner too as its organic grass-fed also. Super satisfied!

Thanks so much for reviewing your order.Delighted you enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed Filet Mignon. Ken @TruBeef

Very good Rib-Eye steaks

Tried others but these are the best. Marbled just right and love the 10 oz size. Will definitely be buying more

Hi James, thanks for your wonderful review of our Organic Grass-Fed Ribeyes and equally happy to hear the 10oz size works for you. We appreciate your continued custom James! Thanks so much Ken Power , Founder of TruBeef

Fast and Delicious

Great cut for quick cooking. Incredible flavor and tender.

Dear Ryan, really really happy you enjoyed the Flank. It is indeed a great cut and thanks for giving it a try Ryan!! Many thanks for your custom. Ken @ TruBeef

Thank You!

Awesome products . I absolutely love your company!

great tasting steaks

These appear to come from a dead cow (that no longer goes moo). They taste good

Hi Danny, Thanks so much for such a nice (and hilarious) review!! Trilled you enjoyed your TruBeef order. Thanks for your continued support Danny!! Ken, Founder @TruBeef

Tremendous taste

Love Love Love Your Marrow Bones. Such a clean beefy taste. Worked great. Thanks!


Leaner than your average chuck roast, but no lack in flavor. Well suited for use as a low and slow roast or cutting into steaks

Hi Ryan, thanks for your review and happy you enjoyed. Chuck into steaks is something we love to see customers do! A great value cut. Our Chuck can be leaner or fattier depending on the actual animal and the time of year. Thanks again Ryan! Ken @TruBeef

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