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      TruBeef Reviews

      Based on 654 reviews
      Beef beyond the ordinary

      We have been pleasantly surprised to prepare beef of this quality and taste.
      Steaks are extra delicious and very juicy. Yum.

      Hey Loreen, GREAT NEWS!! We can promise you the same high standards of quality and service each and every time. As a small family business, we are extremely grateful for your custom. Thanks for taking the time to provide a review Loreen. from, The TruBeef Family.

      Beef Cheeks

      My wife has been trying to find these for a while and the TruBeef Beef Cheeks turned out amazing! Very tender and flavorful. Thank you for the best meat as well as outstanding customer service!

      Dear David, THANK YOU and your dear wife for your custom and trust in what we do. Our Beef Cheeks are a delightful cut and its always great to get such lovely feedback on this gem of a beef cut. To Your Good Health! from, The TruBeef Family.

      Beef Liver

      Your beef liver was wonderfully delicious, organic grass fed is the way to go, I am happy I found you. Your service is also top notch and will recommend you to our friends.

      Dear Kathleen, so nice to read such lovely feedback on our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Liver. We are very happy you found us too :). Sincere thanks! The TruBeef Family.

      Perfect Lamb

      It is important to know how an animal is raised to predict the quality.After reading about the taste of this specific lamb raised in Australia, it was our opportunity to buy and experience. If you like exceptional lamb at a fair price, just get on with it and make an order. Lamb like this doesn't hang out on other websites.

      Dear Dr. Kathryn, sincere thanks for such wonderful feedback on our Organic Grass-fed & Finished Dorper Breed Lamb. So glad you could recognize/taste the difference of our Lamb!. We are very grateful for your custom. TruBeef Team :)

      Quality of the liver is the best I have ever tasted!!!!!!!!!

      Both my husband and I were raised on beef liver. We have been looking for it but have never been able to find good quality (organic) liver at any of the stores. I happened to come across your online store and I liked what I read and saw so I ordered some beef liver. My goodness, I made it as directed and it was the best we have ever tasted. We will be buying out meat from you from now on. You are the best. Thank you so much. God Bless.

      What a lovely piece of feedback. Thank You and your husband so much for deciding to give us a try. Healthy, free roaming cattle in a chemical free regenerative environment will thrive to give us this amazingly mild and fresh liver. Thanks so much for your review. TruBeef Organic Team :)

      Best lamb.

      This is seriously some of the best lamb I have ever had. After we finished a few chops I had to defrost a couple more because they were so good!

      Hi Steve, Sincere thanks for the awesome feedback on our Lamb. We really appreciate your custom and support!

      So tender!

      The filet mignon is so tender and so delicious ! It is so rare to find this quality of steak and couldn't find this quality anywhere near me.
      The quality is like no other and we love it! Thank goodness we found TruBeef. Thank you Ken and Karina for such amazing customer service!!

      HI Jen, we are delighted you and your family have enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Filet Mignon. Sincere thanks for the kind feedback and for your custom. Best Wishes, Karina :)

      Beef Bacon

      Plan on making beef bacon, and maybe pastrami. Price is great and service is even better. I look forward to buying more.

      Wonderful news J. It was a pleasure to help you out. Happy Beef Bacon and Pastrami making!!! Best Wishes, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Cheeks
      Yael Spiegler (North Bergen, NJ)
      Melt in your mouth

      I putted it in a stew and it came out great.

      Thanks for the awesome feedback on our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Beef Cheeks Yael! Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      We love the hamburger mixed with liver and kidneys!

      We love the hamburger mixed with liver and kidneys! It cooks quickly and we have it as a hamburger or mixed with vegetables.

      Hi Logan, so glad to learn you and your family love our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Ancestral Blend. A great way to get lots of nutrients into your hamburger and veggie dishes!! Thanks for your custom Logan. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Delectable,Delicious and Tender

      These filet mignon do not disappoint for taste and tenderness. These are real tenderloin not the substitute flank steak that some places try to pass off. They are small at 5 ounces precooked weight. 11 cost 212.00
      So 20.00 dollars a filet and who can eat just 4 ounces cooked weight.
      I had to eat 2 to be satiated.
      Hard to find these really excellent filets these days. So I guess that’s why they are ultra expensive!
      Will probably buy again but it won’t be monthly!

      Hi Cesar, sincere thanks for the great feedback and I am glad you enjoy the flavor and tenderness of our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Filet Mignon. They are indeed the real thing which we butcher our Filet's only from the tenderloin. Thanks for noticing the difference!! We currently sell as a 5oz Filet, and the good news is we will be increasing our size to 6oz for 2023 without changing the price. Thanks for your business, Cesar! Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      So Unbelievably Good

      Made this for a family night dinner. Everyone said I was the best cook. Well not true it was the meat. When you start with the most tender cuts you can't lose. A hint of the recipe - after browning hit the pan with lots of butter and garlic. Only takes 3 minutes to cook. Again the meat was enticing.

      Fantastic Brian! Really happy our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished Steak Bites were a hit with you and your family. They really are very tender. Many Thanks for your custom Sir! Regards - Ken , TruBeef Founder

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Knuckle Bones
      C. D. (Chandler, AZ)
      Satisfied customer

      I found my organic beef knuckle bones to be fresh, and top quality. I would recommend this product to anyone.

      Hi C. D. your feedback and recommendation of our Knuckle Bones mean alot to us- Sincere Thanks! Ken @ TruBeef

      Cubes from a great place

      Everytime I bite into these cubes perfectly seasoned by myself for my pallate, I thank the Animal, I thank the person that cut them without being stingy and I get the benefits of a clean highest quality food that is so rare anymore. THANK YOU

      Hi Ben, this wonderful and very thoughtful review gets a standing ovation from us!!! So nice to see you have so much appreciation for the food you are putting in your body and where it came from. Good on you Ben and glad you like the Steak Bites. Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Glad I found this place, The Lamb is the best I've ever had. And I've had a lot of lamb 😁👍

      What a compliment- THANK YOU Ben! Our Dorper Lamb breed are raised in the very best environment possible to allow them to flourish which ultimately is reflected in the great flavor. So glad you enjoyed Ben. Sincere Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Incredible taste and easy to grill!

      One of my best life decisions with respect to cooking and eating was to purchase a Viking gas range with a char grill and a huge and powerful Viking hood. Since I only eat meat, dairy, fruit, and honey, my cooking process has become very simple, fast, and the meat prepared always tastes fantastic! I do not eat chicken or pork because it seems to be impossible to avoid farmers using soy as part of their feed, which produces saturated fats that I do not want to consume. After finding pasture/grass fed lamb chops from Trubeef, I bought and grilled some two nights ago. The result was incredible taste and a very satisfied human! Thanks Ken!

      ' A very satisfied human' ...... that is high praise indeed Dr Craig! It is our honor to have you as a customer. Delighted you have introduced our Organic Grass-fed & Finished Lamb Chops into your diet and they were a hit for you. Sincere Thanks, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Hot Diggity Dog

      I’ve been buying their beef and lamb for about 6 months. I usually get about 6 weeks worth at a time. Each order I try something new. I avoided the hot dogs because I automatically look at any hotdog and think ”Ick, you know what’s in there? Don’t eat that” The last time I was placing an order I realized, of course I can get their dogs. They are not going to load them up with preservatives, colors, fillers, chemicals, butts, nuts and lips. Their dogs are made with beef and beef. I made the hotdogs last night. 2 ways. Grilled served with a mango salsa and sriracha mayo. The others I steamed and served with fresh slaw. The biggest problem is no one could decide which one was better, the sweet and spicy or the savory. But we all agreed the hotdogs were amazing. Get some now.

      This is FANTASTIC feedback of our All Beef Hotdogs Robert. Really happy to learn the dogs got the thumbs up. Love your 3 ways to serve them too! We are very grateful for your custom and support Robert. Best Wishes , Ken - TruBeef Founder


      These PICANHA / COULOTTE STEAKS were the best. Will be ordering again.

      Hi Sylvia, so glad you enjoyed our Organic Grass-fed & Finished Picanha Steaks. The balance of buttery smotth fat cap and lean red meat is just perfect. Thanks for the lovely feedback Sylvia. Regards, Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Broth bones

      I was thrilled to make a beef broth I can use! I can’t use anything in stores. So far so good!

      GREAT news Margaret! You can depend on us for the highest quality and cleanest/ toxin free broth bones anywhere. Really happy to learn you like them. To Your Good Health Margaret! Ken @ TruBeef

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef Knuckle Bones
      Casey Delaporte (Orlando, FL)
      Great for dogs!!!

      I get these for my dogs. Excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, and healthy fats. Keeps their teeth clean naturally as they gnaw away and entertained for hours!

      Hey Casey, had a feeling the Knuckle Bones would be for the pups and great to learn they enjoyed them ( and safely too). Regards to you and the family! Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Best Lamb Ever!

      The meat is so tender, so flavorful and SO delicious! Even our little ones can’t get enough and we absolutely LOVE that it is organic and grass-fed!!
      To top everything off, the customer service is the best! Thank you Ken and Karina

      THANK YOU Jen and family for your custom and support of our small business. Without great customers, we would not be here. Our Sincere Gratitude to you and your family Jen! Best Wishes - Ken & Karina

      Best quality, best service

      Beef tongue is a delicacy in Europe. I make it in a rich wine sauce with organic mushrooms and serve it with a side dish of freshly mashed potatoes, to the delight of all my guests.

      Now THIS is how you make Beef Tongue Dr Val!!!!! I have been making this very dish for many years and will never get tired of it......healthy fine dining on a budget. Thanks for your custom Dr Val. Sincere Regards , Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Absolutely outstanding

      Tender, delicious meat that will melt in your mouth

      Hi Dr Val, what a great description of our Beef Cheeks! They really are something special. So glad you decided to try and we hope you will order again soon. Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Best Hamburger

      I loved this meat cause it is so delicious and fresh. The taste is amazing. I will definitely order again. Thank you so much.😀

      THANK YOU for your custom Al and for taking the time to give your review our Burgers! One of my own favorites. Best Wishes , Ken - TruBeef Founder

      Ancestrial blend

      I could taste a little difference but i liked it!

      Hi Christine, thanks so much for the positive feedback on our Organic Grass-Fed & Finished ancestral Blend. We look forward to you ordering again soon. To Your Good Health Christine! Regards , Ken - TruBeef Founder