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      TruBeef Reviews

      All our reviews are submitted by genuine customers with proof of purchase.
      Reviews are collected and verified for authenticity by, an independent 3rd party.

      Based on 1224 reviews
      Great beef

      We are enjoying the burgers very much - very flavorful and fresh. I purchased as I have histamine intolerance and the unaged beef is the only thing I can eat. Definitely feeling an improvement since switching over from aged meat to TruBeef. Thanks!

      Hi Shannon, just great to learn our Beef is helping to alleviate your symptoms! Please keep us in the loop on your progress and thanks for sharing!

      So fresh and good!

      Arrived quickly, frozen solid! But when cooked - so, so yummy! Even my 20 year old kept saying how fresh the ground beef mix was…. Will order again!!

      Super!! Thank you for your kind feedback on the Ancestral you now have a happy ( and healthy) 20 year old .....we would be honored if you ordered with us again!

      Delicious, great quality!!

      Taste amazing, tender, juicy and beautiful cuts

      Great to hear the Filet Mignon was a hit for you Stephanie! To Your Good Health!

      SUPER flavorful!!!

      Hands down the best tasting beef patties I'ver had! All you need is a little bit of salt and the rest is in the meat. Highly recommend this!!!

      Wow....Thank You so much Bersabeh for your great feedback & recommendation on our Organic Grass-Fed BUrger Patties. We are extremely grateful for your custom.

      So good!

      I love this! It is the best way to add super nutrient dense food into my diet.
      I make tacos, pasta sauce, shepherds pie, meat balls, but my favorite is just to cook a bunch and have ready to go for my meal preps.

      Hi Lucy, thank you for sharing the multitude of wonderful ways you cook our Ancestral Blend. Just great to see you work these nutrients into your everyday recipes. To Your Good Health Lucy!

      The Best Ground Beef Ever !

      Really, this has a flavor and overall taste that no other Ground Beef has !!!

      Thanks for noting the difference in our Organic Grass-fed and Finished Ground Beef KJ! Aside from how the cattle are raised & their clean diet, we use 3 premium cuts in our grind to get that distinctive beefy flavor. Cheers KJ!!

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ground Beef

      The ground beef was delicious. The shipping & delivery experience was flawless. The beef was well insulated during shipping & perfectly packaged.

      So happy to read this WG! We look forward to you ordering from us again soon.

      Picanha was amazing!

      Just placed an order for 25 more

      It is indeed a great cut Billy and our personal favorite. Sincere thanks for your new order which we are preparing right now. To Your Good Health Billy!

      Top of the line 💪

      Top notch bone broth made with superior marrow bones from TruBeef Organic. I encourage all to give ‘em a try 😁

      Thanks so much for the great feedback on the marrow bones Shawn!

      I’m very happy with the product extremely well packaged and great portions.
      I will serving it to my family for the holidays.
      You definitely got new customer and I will recommend your company to my family and friends.
      Thank you

      Great News Edward! We knew this order was important to you and so happy to learn everything worked out with your Beef Cheek order. We hope everyone had a wonderful meal! We are here anytime you need us.

      Quarter Cow Order

      Ive found that, every time I order from Trubeef its always high standards and high quality that's delivered to me. I truly appreciate the health benefits that come along with the practices at TruBeef, and the owners are great people and I very much think that its worth supporting.

      Dear Iskender, we are extremely grateful for your custom and continued support of our small family business. Wishing you vibrant good health!

      Beautiful Beef/Lamb

      I am very happy I found your company. Meats came packaged wonderfully and timely. The beef is amazing!

      We never advertise so Thank You for finding us and deciding to give us a try Bridgette! So glad you enjoyed our Beef and Lamb.

      Top Drawer!

      No pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, or dewormers! The highest quality money can buy! I love me some TruBeef.

      Thank You and God Bless You Ian!

      Awesome chuck roast

      I made a slow cook recipe using forks to shred the chuck roast and placed in a Mexican pepper sauce in soft tortillas with graded Mexican cheese. Delicious, best chuck roast we ate.

      Deb and Jim, this sounds Faaaaantastic!!! Wonderfully creative use for the Chuck Roast!

      Organic, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Lamb Shank | 10 - 15 oz.
      Jed Bakri (Düsseldorf, NW)

      I did not cook yet

      No Problem Jed! Be sure to slow-cook the Lamb Shanks until super soft and you are in for a real treat Sir :)

      Steak Tips

      Attached a photo and not sure this can post with review.
      Very good results using a slow cooker for an old fashioned comfort meal. Great flavor and very tender.

      Sounds like a real warming, comforting and healthy meal Charles! Sincere thanks for sharing and for your business. Happy Thanksgiving!

      The ground lamb

      Excellent for my recipes I cook with ground lamb. We love eating dishes with Tru organic lamb.

      Thank You Deb and Jim for being such wonderful customers! It is our honor and privilege to serve you.

      He Loved Them Bones

      Buster spent 2 1/2 hours on this bone just to get every little bit of marrow he was so happy with his treat and if my little buddy was happy then the whole family was happy thank you all very much.

      Dear Gerry, we remember your email for advice when your order arrived ...... we are so so happy to read Buster had 2 1/2 hours of happy and healthy slobbering & gnawing!!!

      Picanha Steaks

      These steaks were wonderful! I usually just buy the filets but the Picanha steaks have a layer of fat on them which made some of the best gravy that I have had in a long time. I also purchased the steak bites which I have not tried, yet.

      Bet that gravy tasted SPECTACULAR Donna!! The Picanha is our favorite steak primarily for that tasty fat cap. Happy Thanksgiving Donna!

      Great quality suet

      The suet I ordered was of great quality and knowing that it’s from cattle that have been properly and carefully cared for makes me feel so much better about using it as tallow on myself and for my family. Thanks again Ken!

      THANK YOU Emily for giving us a try in the first place. We are so grateful for the trust you have put in us and the opportunity to share our organic grass-fed and finished cuts with you. God Bless!

      Great packaging, friendly customer service

      My order arrived everything nicely packaged and frozen. Ken was very thorough with the different kind of cuts I was looking for, not to mention that his great sense of humor made it so much more pleasant during my inquiries. Will definitely buy again from them!

      Thank you so much Emily.... we try to smile and laugh with customers as much as we can. Pleasure to help you and happy to hear you have enjoyed your order.

      This shit good as f***

      Helll yea give a good sear than oven it add some grass feed butter and beef tallow yeeeee haaa has this shit good

      Chris, we laughed so hard when we read your wonderful review!!! Thanks so much for giving us belly laughs and delighted you enjoyed our liver......yeeeeee haaaa :)

      Piranha steak

      Best piece of beef we have tasted. Absolutely fantastic flavor. This is what organic meat grown properly does. Gives you the peace of mind of consuming with no chemicals and fantastic flavor.
      First time customers, now lifetime customers.

      Hi Charles, you are absolutely right about the Picanha is an incredible cut and happens to be our favorite. Thank you so much for deciding to give us a try. We are extremely grateful for your business. God Bless.

      Ancestral organ blend

      This is my second time ordering. The ancestral blend has a nice flavo, is nutritious, and easy to cook, 10:min. in saucepan w/lid.

      You cooked the Ancestral Blend perfectly Regina! To Your Good Health and God Bless!

      Found bee

      My husband really enjoyed the ground beef. It said it was very flavorful, also, ground chuck is hard to find and this is a nice blend, and very fresh.

      Great News Regina!! Delighted to learn hubs enjoyed our Organic Grass-Fed Premium Ground Beef. Using Chuck, Brisket and Short Rib adds so much more flavor. We hope you order again soon!